Announcing Mahasivratri World Yogi Day Feb 21 2020

Announcing Mahasivratri World Yogi Day, a sacred festival observed by Hindus to enhance Consciousness- Feb 21, 2020

Beyond International Yoga Day & yoga is the seldom mentioned spiritual observance of Mahasivratri- the vortex of time that holds the objective of yoga with the attainment of super-consciousness. Mahasivratri is the night to celebrate Lord Siva. 

Once a year, 1.08 billion Hindus living in India and across the globe celebrate the popular festivalof MahaSivratri that is based on the lunar calendar of astronomical & astrological significance. Mahasivratri has been observed for thousands of years by all Hindus as the auspicious time of enlightenment. Mahasivratri is the second most popular festival celebrated by Hindus, after Diwali Mahasivratri, the Night of the Yogi, is observed by millions as the time that holds potential to transform the human in limited circumstances, mind & body to that of the vast Spirit unlimited by mind & body. 

During Mahasivratri it is believed that mantras recited gains potency and the mind aligns to stillness with ease.  The astrological alignment of the solar system, the planets, the moon with earth during Mahasivratri is said to be the perfect time to expand consciousness. 

This year, 2020 Mahashivratri falls on Feb 21 Friday night. 

For those practicing yoga & meditation, this is the time to look forward to attainment of the objective of yoga- attainment of ‘turiya’, the states of super-consciousness that yogis mention as sleepless sleep. 

The majority of observers of Mahasivratri believe that all it takes to receive Mahasivratri blessings of enlightenment is to stay awake all night long on that night, reciting mantras and dancing. 

The yogis however observe Mahasivratri two or four weeks prior as a pilgrimage within by fasting, detoxing and deep meditation. 

 For 2020, the start of pilgrimage of Mahasivratri is the Full Moon day of Feb 9. The process of detoxing as fasting means- nuts & fruits & fruit juices, herbs & plenty of water. To expand consciousness and ready ourselves chanting of mantras, visiting sacred shrines, deeper yoga practice and meditation helps.  

Perspectives on Mahasivratri: 

“Every Mahashivratri is meant to wake up every particle of your body. The festival is a wake-up call to move away from conflicts and move towards truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence – the ethereal qualities of Shiva.”

  – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Mahashivratri is an opportunity and a possibility to bring yourself to that experience of the vast emptiness within every human being, which is the source of all creation. It is an opportunity for one to dissolve their limitedness, to experience the unboundedness of the source of creation which is the seed in every human being.” Sadhguru

“Awaken the unlimited potential of life observing Mahasivratri, the time vortex of enlightenment to transform all our limitations to the unlimited. Mahasivratri is an ideal time for each of us to undertake our inward journey and be the Yogi”- Nandhiji

“May all Beings be blessed on MAHASIVRATRI–worshipful day of Great Lord of Universes” –Sri Nataraja Muni Baba Giri Swami.

“The evershining one, who has no night or day, who has no beginning or end, who is ever fresh and immaculate –  The Shiva within us. This is the Night of Yogi to awaken the Shiva within us.

Om Namah Shivaya” – Mohanji

Where & how to celebrate? 

Nearly all ashrams across India and many yoga studios across the globe will have programs on the night of Mahasivratri Feb 21st. 

For undertaking your own pilgrimage within yourself, wherever you are, Nandhiji offer guidance as Livestream on FB- World Yogi Day: Pilgrimage Within Event

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