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Booking Inquiry

Nandhiji Closing Ceremony

Nandhiji frequently travels to perform various ceremonies/programs for the public. 

Nandhiji serves to uplift Consciousness in its grace of abundance, light, and blessings.
Please fill out the form below to request the services you/your organization seek. Costs will be decided based on the type/size/kind and location. Booking inquiries can also be emailed to:
nandhiji at arise
PERSONAL/PUBLIC TEACHINGS: Kalangi Kundalini Yoga/ Mastery of Consciousness Workshops/Yogic Mysticsm
nandhiji events
Gatherings: Opening/Closing Ceremony/ Puja Ritual with or without Fire
nandhiji at bhaktifest

Home Ceremonies: House Warming/ Energy Clearing & Creating Altar Space

nandhiji workshop

Enterprise: Office/Factory: Inauguration/ Energy clearing & Abundance Invocation

nandhji yoga class

Relationship Ceremony: Soul Mate/Twin Flame Union, Soul Weddings


Corporate leadership: Keynote Speaker/ Other