Siddha Darshanam Art : Nandhiji

  • Each Painting is 3D created of Supermind Turiya Consciousness mind states.
  • Each Painting is Siddha Blessings of Wisdom Healing Guiding Protecting Loving Oneness Consciousness.
  • Available: Digital download | 8 x 10 print handsigned by Nandhiji

May these Paintings adorn your wall in Blessings of Oneness

Mastery of Consciousness: Art | Music | Yoga | Meditation | Teachings

Declaration of Consciousness


Two decades ago, as a seeker, Nandhiji was graced with the divine vision of seeing- God/Source in Thiruvannamalai, as the mountain Arunachala. Nandhiji saw the sacred mountain transforming itself to a bright radiant golden hue – a direct experience that blessed him to perpetually ‘see’ God. This was a huge blessing as seeds of knowing God in the perfection of each moment. From that moment onwards, he could ‘see’ the alignment of Source/God whenever he needed to.

After coming to USA, on his day dedicated to silence, Thursdays, yoga, meditation and puja, he was guided to paint and bring into reality the depth of his meditative experience, the teachings of the Siddha pathway and the healing vibrations of the visual expressions through the art.

Each of these paintings have come alive through intense meditation. These paintings are the inner visions of the perfected beings of light, the Siddhar Gurus. After years of deep meditative practice in the presence of realized Sages who live their lives meditating in caves in the wilderness of South India, Nandhiji expresses the sacred joys of inner depth through these paintings. These paintings carry within them, the potent energies of the ancient lineage of Sages while they are painted in a meditative state as a gush of energy, within a short time. Each painting was created in a single gush of energy- the paintings taking 45 minutes to maximum 180 minutes to complete itself.

Taking visual form from higher wisdom of mantra vibrations, the resonant energies behind the sound converges as the inner light, hence the name for this art gallery, “Siddhar Darshanam" Paintings”. Nandhiji expresses the meditative secrets, the grace of the masters of higher consciousness and the blessings of the Sages through this art.

Dharshanam Blessings, Nandhiji