FAQ’s - Nandhiji


Does Nandhiji give public lectures/ teach?

I conduct ceremonies, gatherings and Opening/Closings of festivals.

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Where does Nandhiji live? 

Nandhiji considers Los Angeles his home, where he lives most of the year. I often travel to India.

With 2018 onwards, I envision travelling around globally to share Mastery of Consciousness teachings/ workshop/lectures and the vision of Declaration of Consciousness.


Does Nandhiji advise / guide? 

One of the valuable intuitive guidance I offer is the Soul Reading Blessings where we look into the past and guides the future based on the highest aspiration you are gifted in.

Appointments to consult online is available when I am not traveling. 

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Are you a Guru?

There is a unique Guru for each. Some consider me Guru. As a teacher, guide & mentor, I guide each to wake up their inner Guru and find their own direct connect to God/Source. My dharma is for each to be liberated as I am.


Why is there a charge for spiritual products? Shouldn’t it always be free?

A large extent of our teachings is shared freely on Youtube and Livestreams.  There is a vital Siddha rule - Siddha consciousness is potent and it must be in the hands of the spiritually mature.

The very nature of those on the path seeking Light is sacrifice, goodness, patience, discipline, generosity and selfless service. These are Beings who know the value of spiritual treasures. When a price is put on teachings, those who do not know the value will walk away.


If I already have a spiritual path or particular Guru, is it necessary or helpful to still learn from you?

Each of us have our unique ideals that reaches us to our own ideal Guru/s just as each Guru having unique teachings to impart. As a seeker, to be like a bee imbibing nectar from all the flowers and then settling into few or one Guru allows us to place complete trust and focus on the inspired teachings. For some it could be a singular Guru. For others it could be more than one Guru. An advanced enlightened Guru sees every living as Guru.

I have 7 Gurus. Each Guru found a perfect fit in me as I sought specific facets of yogic wisdom. I realize that a Guru’s responsibility is to open our doors and boundaries for us to connect with God/Source with each step on the path in freedom, joy and focus.


Do you take group pilgrimages to India?

Once or twice a year I do take group to the depth of the ‘other’ India. To know when we plan for the next or to be kept informed, please email us awake@nandhi.com 

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