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Siddha Teachings

Nandhiji Siddha Yoga Master empowers individuals to awaken to the highest potential of Consciousness. Live the Joy of Turiya States Beyond Enlightenment.

Discover the States Beyond Enlightenment.

Who are the Siddhas? 

The Siddha is the "awake" being living in Super Conscious states of enlightented Turiya.

The Liberated Mystics of South India

Book: Mastery of Consciousness- Awaken the Inner Prophet
- Brief Autobiography of Nandhiji
- 108 Consciousness Sutras
- Articles- Siddha Wisdom
Mastery of Consciousness Courses

Siddha Empowerment Teachings

Art Gallery
Kalangi Kundalini Yoga: Basics

Yoga of Achiever: Daily Yoga Practice Guidance

Turiya Nada: Siddha Mantra Chant Music with Nandhiji & Master Musicians
Siddha Guided Chakra Meditation Initiation

With Consciousness the Impossible

becomes possible.

Create from the Space of Turiya

Experience the Power of Consciousness

Discover your own ability to create complete success and abundance in every

sphere of life with the siddha wisdom.





The Siddha Tradition

The Concentrated Essentials of all Consciousness and 210 Siddha Masters

The Siddha Lineage 10,000 years tradition

The Siddha Wisdom goes back to Lord Murugua the Lord of Creation

Sacred Shrines

Mother India holds the many vortexes of Pillars of Light Siddha Temples

Nandhijis Eight Exceptional Gurus

Siddha Master Nandhiji has been blessed to have eight exceptional Gurus of the Siddha Lineages

Darshan of Babaji

Nandhiji received personal Darshan of Babaji who requested him to paint his presence

Nandhiji's latest insights and inspiration

Jump Start your Spiritual Growth

Discover how fast the siddha mantras and Wisdom can upgrade and Uplevel your Consciousness







Siddha Places



Nandhiji's beloved chant music has been calibrated beyond the scale of enlightenment.

Discover Siddha Wisdom to Super Charge

and Transform Your Reality

Ancient Siddha Yogic Tradition in Action around the world 

Be Free!

Arise in consciousness!

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