SivaSivaa Teachings

Initiation with Nandhiji: SivaSivaa Guided Chakra Meditation with Siddha Mantra Deeksha  

Now, with the Blessings of His Siddha Gurus, Nandhiji has made these potent and secretive Siddha mantras available to all.

SivaSivaa is a 2 CD Chakra Meditation Journey that features powerful Siddha mantra initiations & techniques that allow you to experience the deep peace, bliss and kundalini awakening from the comfort of your own home.

Also included is a Detailed 20 Page Booklet that leads you through each step in an easy to understand way for clarity in mantras, yogic techniques, and explanations.

Siddha Meditations are powerful. The potent Siddha mantras & grace of awakening energies of the enlightened Masters that have been passed on for thousands of years is our perpetual inner fires- guiding and expanding our Consciousness.  Higher consciousness births wisdom and the grand realities of quality of thoughts. 

In fact, in the Siddha Tradition, the entirety of sacred wisdom was transferred strictly through the resonance of mantra chants as the most empowered "Shaktipat" or kundalini awakening energies.  

Regardless of where you are in the world, the second you chant an empowered Siddha Mantra, it instantly connects you with the Grace and Energy of the Enlightened Siddha Beings. It is like having a cosmic cell phone that lets you connect directly to the blissful higher energies instantly and anywhere.

Siddha mantras are incredibly powerful because they transform and expand our consciousness almost immediately, bringing the power of the Guru’s tapas (meditative fires) into our every thought, daily lives and our highest purpose so everyone can experience transformation and be the Siddha Yogi.

SivaSivaa Benefits

Meditate & Be the Yogi! Set Your Daily Practice!

Learn simple & easy to follow powerful mantras & chakra cleansing techniques to experience deep bliss & peace in your daily life.

Awaken Mother Kundalini to Create Magnificent Realities!

This daily Siddha Chakra Meditation will awaken your Kundalini and manifest grand realities in your life!

Awaken Your Inner Guru & Tap Into Your Genius!

Awaken your Inner Genius/Inner Guru to develop a powerful yogic mind that fuels you with peak creativity, natural leadership skills, and enthusiasm!

Grace connect to the Ancient Siddha Lineage of Masters!

Get connected to Siddha Masters through initiation (Deeksha) into their mantras that allow you to become the highest & purest form of yourself.

What's Included with SivaSivaa SivaSivaa is a 2 CD set that features powerful Siddha mantras & techniques which are being released to the general public for the first time ever. Also included is a Detailed 20 Page Booklet that leads you through each step in an easy to understand way for clarity in mantras, yogic techniques, and explanations.

Nandhiji Speaks About The SivaSivaa Initiation

10000 Hour Rule and Grace of timelessness.

The 10,000 Hour Rule —the principle holds that 10,000 hours of "deliberate practice" are needed to become world-class in any field. For the yogi, this is Guru’s grace that condenses the timelessness of mastery into time.

"On the path seeking my wholeness as a yogi was grace. Grace of my Gurus condensed timelessness to time. My Gurus gave me a part of themselves through the mantra deeksha (the lighting of the mantra fires within me). Guru Ayya would often say, “Take me and my presence along with my Gurus through my mantras. My mantras are all you need. Light your Lamp and know your own truth within you as your inner Lamp. When light your Lamp reciting my mantras to invoke me, I am with you as WE!”.

Siddha Guru Rajaswamy would mention, “When you see a Siddha Guru, just receive his mantra blessings and then digest the light of the mantra. Do not go and bother that Siddha Guru again as for him it is disturbance.”

In years of my journey within through caves, shrines and the spiritual wilderness of South India with my Gurus and under guidance, I realized my evolution was not only dynamic and swift but also, more efficient. For instance, being awake meant more of consciousness to better quality of thought to enhance the experience to attain more of consciousness- a cycling of efficiency. It was like learning to run and then fly and with time, glide.  To wake up as Spirit (also called satori) is the first of grace. To attain the Guru to guide and expand consciousness is the grace of wisdom. To awaken the inner fires, the Guru within, is empowerment. To realize life purpose and be the inspired yogi working for humanity is blessings to be the Angel creating heavens." - Nandhiji

SivaSivaa - Siddha Guided Chakra Meditation

with Nandhiji 

Awaken & Light the Inner Fire. Be the Yogi!