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Mastery of Consciousness Book- Awaken The Inner Prophet: DIGITAL


Consciousness determines the quality of our thoughts, our experience of each moment, and the realities we create. The attainment of higher Consciousness is the most valuable of all gifts we can ever receive in a lifetime- as the mind-opening to its full potential, the realization of freedom, power of thoughts guided by wisdom and empowerment of inner peace.
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Four Major Sections




This book is the book of the century. It is monumental. It ranks up there as a classic in spiritual literature. The book contains profound visionary poetry, an abundance of color photos and accounts of the author’s first-hand experiences with Siddha masters. Nandhiji has for the first time conveyed the essence of the ancient Siddha tradition to the English speaking public. His message -Be the Prophet- is one that the world needs today more than ever. Nandhi’s has opened the door to one of the world’s most ancient wisdom traditions that offers great promise for the future of humanity
Ganga & Tara , Universal Fellowship of Light
We all know, or at the very least suspect, that the need for ancient wisdom is more pertinent now than ever. Relating to this wisdom in the world we live in has always been the problem. But with Nandhiji’s book I was able to experience this wisdom of the past through a mind that is anchored in the ‘Here and Now.’ Once in a great while a book comes along like this that unifies the divisive beliefs and ideas that surround us. A wonderful perspective into South Indian Siddhars with Sutras and beautifully laid out graphics and photos. I read and review a lot of books, but this one will be in my private collection to pass on to my children.
Rahasya Poe , Lotus Guide Magazine

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Mastery Of Consciousness

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