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Join the Supreme Pilgrimage of Pilgrimages: Within Ourselves- with Nandhiji 

Global Online Free Event – Open to All

GO TO TO WATCH LIVESTREAMS[Fullmoon] : Feb 19 to March 4, 2019, MAHASIVRATRI World YOGI Great Night/Day. Do our own inner journey, pilgrimage through the 14 days celebrating Lord Siva, awakening and attaining the objective of yoga- the super-conscious state of turiya, the yogic mind . Online guidance.

FREE ONLINE EVENTS::::::Four Livestreams with Nandhiji :::: Free Guidance/Teachings for All.

Event One: Full Moon Initiation to start the inner pilgrimage::: Feb 19 Tuesday 5PM

Event Two: Mahasivratri Guidance/ Siddha mantra deeksha/ Satsang:::: Feb 23 Saturday 5PM

Event Three: Siddhar Kirtan::: Feb 28 Thursday 5PM

Final Event: Great Grand Night of Lord Siva – Siva Consciousness::: March 4 5PM

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Mahasivratri is the effective time for each of us to do the ultimate pilgrimage- the pilgrimage within to wake up and rebirth as the Yogi.Once a year is the enlightening yogic grace moment- MAHASIVRATRI. Awakening grace is blessings of Consciousness to be the Yogi. Awaken and Be. For a yogi/ni, Mahasivratri is the Day/Night of Yoga, the time to detox, transcend, transform and evolve. Mahasivratri is observed as the single most important vortex of time by the yogis and householders in India due to enormous grace energies of this enlightening vortex of time. Based on the planetary alignment with earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex of time holds the objectives of yoga as in being the Spirit having the human experience; as in being liberated from the limits of the mind and as in having the grace of Source in our daily realities.In practical realities, Mahasivratri offers:- An ideal time to detox the body- The time to detox the mind – letting go of the past and karmic imprints of limitations- An ideal time to create an intent of resolution and a supreme prayer- An inspiration to awaken the yogi within- A potent time to break free from the stagnancy of life to enable us to more easily evolve into a life more attuned to our higher purpose- To awaken to the joyfulness of “Being” a person of higher consciousness and thereby imbibing all the qualities of higher consciousness: abundance, harmony, love and wisdom.- To be a Master, a Yogi awake.



MahaSivratri Mastery of Consciousness Retreat – One on One with Nandhiji
: Fast (nuts, fruits, juices)/Detox & Rejuvenation (with ayurvedic herbs & greens)
: Kalangi Kundalini Yoga- Daily practice.
: Siddha Puja- Inner Journey with mantra deeksha and guidances.
: 5 Elements Puja/ Fire-Yagna
: Meditation
: Night Lord Siva Linga Puja

Location: Ariven Temple near LAX


Mahasivratri Retreat: 

Nandhiji will guide us through 14 days of inner journey leading to the final Great Night of Mahasivratri. Initiation starts on Full moon, Feb 19 to March 4 MAHASIVRATRI World YOGI Great Night/Day at the Ariven Temple.

We will do our own inner journey, pilgrimage through the 14 days celebrating Lord Siva, awakening and attaining the objective of yoga- the super-conscious state of turiya, the yogic mind.

Event Costs:

Option 1.  14 days with shared accommodation: $7500

Option 2.  7 days with shared accommodation: $3500

Option 3. Daily rate with shared accommodation: $600

Number of Days

Option 4. Daily immersion into Mastery of Consciousness with yoga: 9am- 9pm: $108

Number of Days

Option 5. 6pm Evening Satsang daily rate, not including Mahasivratri night: $30

Number of Days

Option 6. Mahasivratri Grand Night/next morning 9pm – 6am: $207

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Program Details:

Mahasivratri Mastery of Consciousness Routine with Siddha Master Nandhiji

9:30am    –  Kalangi Kundalini Yoga
11:00am   –  5 Element Kriyas
1:00 pm   –   Siddhar Puja
2pm-4pm –  Break
4pm- 5pm – Interactive Q & A
5pm-6pm –  Livestream
7:15pm      –  Siddhar Puja / Meditation

1. 14 days into ‘fasting’ means- fruits, nuts, fruits & greens juices, vegetable soups, Ayurvedic herbs and sprouted mung beans etc. This is a detox program to rejuvenate and open ourselves to be the vastness of Lord Siva. All ‘foods’ and Ayurvedic herbs will be provided by the Ariven Temple.

2. An important component in this journey: Dharma
We will be feeding thousands of people in India through the Mahasivratri night.
The purpose of this fasting is to connect to the grace element of feeding others while we are fasting so we can absorb the fulfilling energies of others to quench our own needs.
We will be feeding people in 12 different sacred places through the Mahasivratri night in India. This dharma is organized by each of us participating in the Mahasivratri program. We set the grace element by being Lord Siva as we ‘beg’ our family and friends for dharma. This dharma will be used to feed hundreds of saddhus
and pilgrims even as we ‘fast’ and usher Mahasivratri.

3. We will have a few pilgrimage day trips in and around Los Angeles. We may ignite the sacred fires of Lord Siva in temples/shrines and centers so to enable the grace of Mahasivratri to flow to humanity through as many.

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