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MAHASHIVRATRI World YOGI Great Night/Day [Fullmoon]
Jan 31st to the Grand Night of Lord Siva 2018 FEB 13th

This is our own inner journey to take wherever we are!
Nandhiji serves as a guide. 

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Jan 31st: Intiation:

Feb 3rd: Inner Journey to Lord Siva:

Feb 10th: Siddhar Kirtan

Feb 13th : Great Grand Night of Lord Siva - Siva Consciousness

About MahaShivratri, World Yogi Day
Once a year is the enlightening yogic grace moment- Mahashivratri Awakening grace is blessings of Consciousness to be the Yogi. Awaken and Be. For a yogi/ni, Mahashivratri is the Day/Night of Yoga, the time to detox, transcend, transform and evolve. Mahashivratri is observed as the single most important vortex of time by the yogis and householders in India due to enormous grace energies of this enlightening vortex of time. 
Based on the planetary alignment with earth and the lunar cycle, this vortex of time holds the objectives of yoga as in being the Spirit having the human experience; as in being liberated from the limits of the mind and as in having the grace of Source in our daily realities. Mark the day Jan 31st to schedule your inner journey unto yourself for 14 days into Mahashivratri [Full Moon until New Moon]

It does not matter where You are- We alight our inner Lamp to celebrate and attain the yogic mind of turiya, the supermind states of Siva Consciousness. Be the Yogi 
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