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Announcing Mahasivratri World Yogi Day Feb 21 2020

Announcing Mahasivratri World Yogi Day, a sacred festival observed by Hindus to enhance Consciousness- Feb 21, 2020

Beyond International Yoga Day & yoga is the seldom mentioned spiritual observance of Mahasivratri- the vortex of time that holds the objective of yoga with the attainment of super-consciousness. Mahasivratri is the night to celebrate Lord Siva. 

Once a year, 1.08 billion Hindus living in India and across the globe celebrate the popular festivalof MahaSivratri that is based on the lunar calendar of astronomical & astrological significance. Mahasivratri has been observed for thousands of years by all Hindus as the auspicious time of enlightenment. Mahasivratri is the second most popular festival celebrated by Hindus, after Diwali Mahasivratri, the Night of the Yogi, is observed by millions as the time that holds potential to transform the human in limited circumstances, mind & body to that of the vast Spirit unlimited by mind & body. 

During Mahasivratri it is believed that mantras recited gains potency and the mind aligns to stillness with ease.  The astrological alignment of the solar system, the planets, the moon with earth during Mahasivratri is said to be the perfect time to expand consciousness. 

This year, 2020 Mahashivratri falls on Feb 21 Friday night. 

For those practicing yoga & meditation, this is the time to look forward to attainment of the objective of yoga- attainment of ‘turiya’, the states of super-consciousness that yogis mention as sleepless sleep. 

The majority of observers of Mahasivratri believe that all it takes to receive Mahasivratri blessings of enlightenment is to stay awake all night long on that night, reciting mantras and dancing. 

The yogis however observe Mahasivratri two or four weeks prior as a pilgrimage within by fasting, detoxing and deep meditation. 

 For 2020, the start of pilgrimage of Mahasivratri is the Full Moon day of Feb 9. The process of detoxing as fasting means- nuts & fruits & fruit juices, herbs & plenty of water. To expand consciousness and ready ourselves chanting of mantras, visiting sacred shrines, deeper yoga practice and meditation helps.  

Perspectives on Mahasivratri: 

“Every Mahashivratri is meant to wake up every particle of your body. The festival is a wake-up call to move away from conflicts and move towards truth, beauty, peace, and benevolence – the ethereal qualities of Shiva.”

  – Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

“Mahashivratri is an opportunity and a possibility to bring yourself to that experience of the vast emptiness within every human being, which is the source of all creation. It is an opportunity for one to dissolve their limitedness, to experience the unboundedness of the source of creation which is the seed in every human being.” Sadhguru

“Awaken the unlimited potential of life observing Mahasivratri, the time vortex of enlightenment to transform all our limitations to the unlimited. Mahasivratri is an ideal time for each of us to undertake our inward journey and be the Yogi”- Nandhiji

“May all Beings be blessed on MAHASIVRATRI–worshipful day of Great Lord of Universes” –Sri Nataraja Muni Baba Giri Swami.

“The evershining one, who has no night or day, who has no beginning or end, who is ever fresh and immaculate –  The Shiva within us. This is the Night of Yogi to awaken the Shiva within us.

Om Namah Shivaya” – Mohanji

Where & how to celebrate? 

Nearly all ashrams across India and many yoga studios across the globe will have programs on the night of Mahasivratri Feb 21st. 

For undertaking your own pilgrimage within yourself, wherever you are, Nandhiji offer guidance as Livestream on FB- World Yogi Day: Pilgrimage Within Event

Yogic insight into Death

Death eventually strikes us all. Yet the subject of death is mostly avoided and in some cultures even prohibited to be talked about. 

My Dad who was facing health challenges for over three years with two cancers, a weak heart & a failing kidney. He passed on first week of March 2019.

It was during Mahasivratri time that he made clear he was going to die and that he needed me to leave US and come to India immediately. I absolutely needed to stay in US during this time as I was guiding humanity through this period in attaining the objective of yoga through this vortex of time of Mahasivratri – to be the Yogi.

My Dad had literally held on to his life the last three weeks waiting for me. After I arrived from Los Angeles, I was driven straight to his hospital in Madurai (South India). With tears in his eyes he said, “Now that you are here, I feel healed and complete. Now I do not have fear. I can now face anything”. He was laying on the bed unable to move as I sat by his side with my palm on his chest reciting our Siddha mantras and the other hand holding his hand. After a day, he slowly departed as I felt his last breath and his new journey beginning. He left in peace surrounded by my sister and Mother, his family. The day after, I completed his last rites- picking up his ash & bones from the crematorium. As I did, I realized that his 69 years on planet earth now has a void to fill and his legacy of love to carry.

I write from this space of grief and its wisdom, and my journey as a yogi. 

A yogi is one who has ‘died’ and is the Spirit living in the human in enriched experience and wisdom. To know that each breath holds the journey of life and that beyond life is the wisdom gift of death. Yet death is always the most feared by nearly all humans. Even the person living the most miserable life does not want to die. 

From the yogic perspective, to understand death is to awaken and realize our inner wisdom, called Atma Nyanam, wisdom of the Soul. 

To know death while alive is to be a Jeevamukthi- the One who is free as Spirit, the Yogi. 

Viktor Frankl’s message after going through the horror of the holocaust is the wisdom of death- “The one thing you can’t take away from me is the way I choose to respond to what you do to me. The last of one’s freedoms is to choose one’s attitude in any given circumstance.”

My own story of my ‘near death’ experience or rather, the through- death experience- 

When aged 27, 27 years ago, at the peak of my business success, I felt struck by the notion that I was going to die. A psychic friend of mine did a tarot card reading for me. The three times I pulled out the cards- all three were death. I was frightened. My friend told me not to worry and it meant blessings of major transformation. But I felt my impending death in all its ugliness- cold, painful and remorseless. I felt like a dying man seeking anything to hold on to. When my neighbor gifted me a small wooden Siva Lingam (Lingam is the symbol of infinity holding the essence of Lord Siva). I held the lingam as my last straw praying for protection. That when I heard within me a voice that said, “I am coming to take you later today.” I thought it was the voice of God. I stayed home through the day. That evening, I heard a knock on my door. I opened the door to see a young Sage, Bhairavasekarswamy of age 27, with fire in his eye who told me, “Lord Siva sent me to take you. You have death coming for you. Will you come with me to Srikalahasti? “. (Srikalahasti was a 3 hour car journey away from Chennai, where I was living then). I said, “I have been waiting for you all my life. Lets go!”.  

That evening he did rituals while having me recite a mantra. He took me through my past life deaths. Each death of my past revealed the consequences of that life. It was extremely painful and frightening to go through that experience. But the mantra he gave me started generating a small oasis like blue harmony center embryo like that felt safe and protective. Slowly that embryo grew larger and larger and that became “me”. I felt free. I felt joy for no reason. I cried out of happiness as I found something that felt complete. As I returned back home next day, I felt I was a huge Being inside a little well shaped body. Early next morning I was up wanting to meditate (something I had never done before) and there I was rushing to go inward to emerge feeling just bliss, with a pristine mind of no thoughts. My habits shifted radically- I could not smoke cigarettes any more and could not stand the sight of meat let alone eat non-vegetarian.

I was now in waves of bliss and whenever my bliss waivered, I knew I needed to stop and meditate to reconnect to Source to reset myself. 

Now began my journey into myself as I connected with realized Beings who as Gurus guided me deeper- into caves, shrines and the wilderness in solitude. My journey was over 9 years, growing within myself until I woke up to understand my life purpose- to reach Consciousness to humanity. 

Yogic wisdom of Death: 

– The only thing that belongs to us is our breath. Greater the fullness and calm of breath in its inhale and exhale, the greater quality of thoughts and thinking pattern we produce. 

– Our mind is like a vegetable that we grow in consciousness. When we meditate, we are expanding our consciousness transcending the cycles of life and death. Expanding consciousness, our mind actively evolves to enables thoughts to become wisdom from higher platforms of consciousness. .

– Each breath holds the wisdom beyond death and life. In retaining breath, yogis go to samadhi states where life is supported with minimal breathing and intake of food & water. Attainment of samadhi states, the potent deep meditative states is a gift every human innately has ability to. 

– To understand death as a friend and companion in each breath makes us fearless and allows us to enjoy life in its fullness. When meditating, bring to awareness death and that beyond death. 

– To tap into the meditate on the “I am” principle means, transcending death & the limited human and align to the light of infinity within. We realize death is finite, ie, a temporary phase. 

– The re-birth after ‘death’ experienced within the retained breath, is to align ourselves into the Now and the magic of being in states of joy. Rebirth means the newer mind and grand perception of wisdom.

– Lord Siva, the Yogi is described as Satchidananda. It means- experiencing consciousness as bliss. This yogic experience is truth of attainments of meditation. Be the bliss form. 

– The last thoughts at the time of death guides the journey after death. It is for this reason that in all Hindu households, everyone is named in God names- so each time God is called when any family member is called. Reciting mantras to Source (God in all names and in namelessness) connect creates a perfect habit for us to remember Source at all times while awakening us to be the Spirit, Source connected at all times. 

– To enhance potency of meditation through chanting, feel breath & the recited mantra connected to the Spirit we are before our birth and after our death. Connecting death and birth awakens us to the eternal Soul we are drawing the wisdom of Spirit. 

– Death, Lord Yama has a companion, Chitragupta, the ‘accountant’ who keeps track of our karmic pattern. In birth, the karmic pattern of past life is now passed on so the life fulfills and completes the past momentum. When we awaken as yogi, we experience the wisdom of being the Spirit. We are able to negate the limits of karma, as we transcend death in breath and as Spirit, go beyond our karmic imprints. We are able to transform our challenges in life to opportunities. 

– Realizing Soul Wisdom, we realize our Oneness. We worship life and all the living as we understand our Soul the same as in all other living. Not doing harm to other living creatures blessed us with good karma. Eating food that has imprints of love and not violence grows our consciousness as what what we eat, we become. 

– When we lead a life doing good & not harming others we are gifted a death of peacefulness. 

– Life is measured by the number of breaths we take. Each breath is meaningful and yet limited in numbers. In understanding we each have a shelf life, celebrate life in heart’s doings and Be. 

– When we realize we are the Spirit in the human experience, our individual ego dissolves to the recognition of “We”. We are now aligned to the spirit world. We tap into intuitiveness, clairvoyance and other forms of ESP that is unique to each. 

“Before birth & after death is Spirit. In between – our reality experience. Life is measured by number of breaths- breath limited in numbers.

Encased in shelf life, celebrate breath of Spirit with potent thoughts, wisdom of heaven.

In Knowing, the Yogi Be!”  Mastery of Consciousness

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher, representing the path of the Liberated. He lives in Los Angeles, where he shares the life-enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddhar sages, the liberated mystics of South India. Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult, while leading an active family life, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhas as a yogi began. After years of seeking ‘wholeness’ through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness. One of the fruits of his journey are offered in Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, Consciousness!” Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

Utilize Yoga to Manifest, The Power of Tapas


Vriksasana Tree posture enhances thoughts potency.

“Connect Source with intent. Seek Consciousness for humanity. Whirl thoughts to manifestation. In singular focus, immense passion & indomitable will create & tweak realities.

Bringing heavens to earth, as Angel, the Yogi Be!” 

Quote – Mastery of Consciousness Teachings, Nandhiji

When Mahatma Gandhi ji went into hunger strike, it was with prayers. Each breath was with mantras and the dedication of his fasting to the Divine. 

In the times of India’s freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhiji’s power of tapas was visible.  Gandhiji was known for his rigid daily prayers and fasts. His tapas power was self evident when the British would often wonder how huge crowds would gather sometimes before Gandhiji’s arrival. Gandhiji often made spontaneous decisions to travel. In those days communications was only through telegrams that was slow and most of these locations were not connected by phone. When Gandhiji called for the Salt March, the Non-Cooperation Movement, Non-violence etc, whole of India readily became One- to observe the freedom struggle collectively. It was as though Gandhiji was speaking  to each Soul. It was Soul Power- the work of tapas.

Sages of India go deeper into themselves in tapas and are called Tapasyas unleashing Soul Power to accomplish intent. In the beginning of India’s freedom struggle, Gandhiji’s fasting and hunger strike did make a dent on imperialism. The British government did see him as a threat. The colonial powers kept throwing Gandhiji into prison. It was in prison that Gandhiji intensified his tapas to create greater potency to the intent of freedom for India.  Later, after India attained independence from the British, chaos & violence broke out all over northern India. Gandhiji once again went on fast unto death to resolve the situation- and harmony did result. Within all of this is the mystical element of tapas- the inner power of will, focus and energy to transform the external.

A yogi is a natural achiever and a leader by way of accomplishment. One of the benefits of yoga in life realities is the ability of a yogi to do super human tasks. This amazing ability of a yogi is attributed to enduring focus, indomitable will power, sheer discipline and grace of Source connectivity. 

This empowerment of yoga practice is from Tapas/ Tapasya. 

In innumerous stories of India, individuals seeking a special power, a specific reality or even a weapon sets out to the solitude of the forest. They then undertake tapas wherein the seeker observes unwaivering focus invoking the Divine with intent. With constant unbroken mantra recitation and observing self-control, disciplines and austeries that which the seeker sought is attained as the boon. Every tapas is unique in its discipline, methodology, mantras and process. Tapas is usually undertaken with the advice and directions of a Guru. 

In today’s world of yoga when a practitioner does the physical yoga postures holding breath, thoughts naturally stills and the mind attains greater focus with clarity. This benefit of yoga is like drops of nectar adding to enrichment of experience. When experiencing this mind potency, yoga practice becomes more addictive allowing for more discipline. Life realities catch up to our daily yoga practice. The yoga practitioner now realizes that the realities of the external world can be created from within and real peace can be created with actual realities manifested. As the journey within yoga continues, the drops of nectar now becomes the honey pot as the journey of the seeker becoming a yogi. Consciously and unconsciously, a yogi steps into the evolved practice of yoga, tapas- the perpetual Source connectivity with Kundalini fires awake. 

As a yogi, each breath is with awareness, Source connected through mantra fires. Mindfulness, awareness and optimal thoughts now is the evolved state of mind. 

With tapas, the yogi becomes a vortex of higher vibrations. In a yogi’s presence healing, calm, harmony, love and goodness simply happens as the power of tapas, the inner fires, is actively recreating the dynamics of realities. 

Power of Tapas: 

  • Develop unwaivering yogic focus.
  • Concentrated prayers, Source unions, creates miracles.
  • Expand in consciousness, the super-mind state of Turiya- realm beyond limits of the mind. 
  • Develop the potency of mantras.
  • Be the vortex of light that enlightens others.
  • Be blessed in wisdom that arises of a clear pristine mind.
  • Incubate and grow our vastness and truest potential.
  • Receive the realities prayed for completing a Circle within.
  • Invoke the Divine and be the Divine invoked.
  • Be empowered in perseverance to attain heart’s seeking.

Of all yoga postures, it was the Vriksasana posture that was mostly conducive to tapas. In modern history, there have been many Sages who have stood in the Vriksasana posture for years together! 

In our day to day lives, utilize this posture to realign realities to unresolved issues, to seek fearlessness, to seek a prayer to be answered or simply, to align with Source in totality seeking realization. 

When doing the Vriksasana, know that it is an intensifies prayer & a super condensed meditation.


– Set intent. 

– Do the Vriksasana posture after doing other yoga postures so the body is sufficiently warmed up. 

– Do pranayama to create core harmony and balance prior to Vriksasana posture. Ensure steady calm breath & mind as foundation. 

– Utilize simple heart resonance mantras through the process. Siddha mantras are effective as they are like nursery rhymes allowing  awareness beyond the mind.

– In the posture- right leg up stimulates the Sun breath. Utilize mantras invoking the masculine Divine entities- Lord Siva/ Lord Vishnu/ Lord Muruga

– In the posture- left leg up stimulates the Moon breath. Utilize mantras invoking the Divine Femninine- Goddess in all her forms. 

– Tap into the vortex of Light generated within – seek Source, surrender the mind & intent, allow each mantra recited to be prayers.

– Begin tapas by steadily reciting the mantra with focus on the invoked, dissolving breath inside the mantra resonance- while attaining steadiness & balance through the process.

– Do the posture starting with one minute each side and gradually extend this practice to any length of time. 

– After doing the posture, it is natural to feel the mantra recite within on its own accord. Allowing the sacred inner fire to continue each breath, let our mind conceive wisdom of Source to work our realities. 

With daily yoga practice, the power of tapas will awaken on its own accord through the yogi’s awareness of each breath, Source connectivity and life’s challenges. To be in tapas is to be the reflection of Source. As a yogi, uplift humanity! 

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary, awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher, representing the path of the Liberated. He lives in Los Angeles, where he shares the life-enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddhar sages, the liberated mystics of South India. Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult, while leading an active family life, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhas as a yogi began. After years of seeking ‘wholeness’ through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness. One of the fruits of his journey are offered in Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, Consciousness!” 

Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

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Linga Puja: Multiply Consciousness

The Lingam Worship:


The worship of Lord Siva, represented in the form of a Lingam is the Siva Linga Puja.Each year, based on the lunar calendar, the Mahasivratri is observed by millions, the yogis and householders alike throughout India. Mahasivratri is a sacred vortex of time that easily confers enlightenment and grace to evolve in ease with observation of yogic disciplines. Each year when we celebrate Mahasivratri, the Siva Lingam Puja holds a key to an inner journey.The Siva Lingam puja is the most personal and intimate time for a yogi as moments of absorption into the Divine, fully aware and intensely in union with Source through breath and as breathless joys. The yogic discipline of doing the Siva Lingam puja is considered the most potent of all yogic practices in being able to push a yogi through states of consciousness and as grace, evolve to be the object of worship, to be Lord Siva- as in the journey into One to be Oneness.In the yogi traditions of mystical India, each precious moment as human is for the purpose of enhancing more of consciousness and closer to Source. This journey beyond consciousness is enhanced each day with deeper and even more empowerment in the awakened inner wisdom. After having woken up to be the Spirit, the yogi then starts enhancing this experience through intensifying the bliss state for the mind to be at all times. In this journey through consciousness guided by bliss, the yogi understands effort and progress as a yogi through the push factor of own effort and divine grace as the pull factor- through the Siva Lingam puja.

What is a Puja?

A puja is not meditation in the sense, a puja requires a highly alert and involving state of mind. A puja is when Source/object of worship is celebrated in the physical form with offerings of flowers; milk; water etc along with mantra. A puja is a concentrated enhanced form of worship and can be called the mother of all meditations- a puja leads to a mind that is meditative, the natural state of the mind that is be defined as meditation. By doing a Siva Linga Puja, the yogi aligns in the receiving end of grace by invoking the power of the infinite Source in human realities for themselves and for the entire world.Utilizing the Lingam as representation of the infinite with the mind in super aware state of connecting as a bridge between the Divine invoked and the object of focus with through offerings of the heart, a Siva Linga Puja is done.


what is the meaning of the Lingam?

To yogis, the Lingam is the most apt form representing the Infinite. The Lingam is the infinite as in Form referred in Sanskrit as stambha- beginning-less and endless pillar. The traditional description of the Lingam representing the phallus is not the entire meaning behind the Lingam. Yes, the Lingam is the representation of the Wand of Light as the experience of our own inner Light rushing above through the spine.

When a yogi does the Lingam Puja, the yogi is invoking the infinite Spirit from within and the Infinite God Almighty of formlessness to be the dweller in the Lingam, the form. The Lingam serves to house, represent and radiant the energies of Infinity.Later through history by way of Western historians and through ways of convenience in hypothesis, a Lingam began pegged with the meaning of phallus as in being shape.

How is a Siva Linga Puja done?

  • Attain or purchase a small Siva Lingam. You will need a few utensils that will help contain the water, milk and other offerings you may pour over the Lingam.
  • Attain, receive or learn simple mantras, preferable for Ganesh, Lord Siva and Goddess Sakti. Your Siva Linga Puja is an inner journey through mantras, journey of uniting your external realities and infinite inner realities through the puja using the mind in focus and surrender of all thoughts through the fire of bhakti, devotional love.
  • Once a day or once a week or whenever convenient- commit to doing a Siva Linga Puja.

The Inner Journey of the Siva Lingam Puja:

  • Prepare Yourself:Prepare yourself for the Siva Linga Puja as a very personal journey between you and Source. Having a shower or washing your face helps to refresh your mind and body. Set aside atleast 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. Create a sacred space for yourself, preferably an altar space that can hold and carry forward positive energies of a Siva Linga Puja. Pick up offerings of flowers, water, milk or anything else you may feel like offering to the Lingam.
  • Abishekam:There is no right or wrong way in a pure heart’s ritual. Begin at first reciting the mantra invoking Lord Siva. Connect your breath to the mantra resonance and feel the invoked Presence through your chanting. Now begin pouring water over the Lingam slowly invoking the Divine Infinite in the Lingam. You may pour milk over the Lingam collecting the milk for later use as Prasad, Divine sanctified offerings. After the final slow pouring the water finally to bathe and cleanse the Lingam, the Lingam is ready for the Puja.
  • Siva Lingam Puja:Have many flowers, if not, many petals of flowers as that you will offer the Lingam with every mantra recited invoking Lord Siva. Ideally, when Lord Siva is invoked, it is perfect wisdom to invoke the Divine Goddess to complete the wholeness within the Divine. We end this puja invoking the awake mind state, the God of sustenance and abundance, Lord Vishnu.
  • Invoke Blessings of Source:-A Siva Lingam Puja is powerful as we have invoked the power of Infinity in our realities. As we bring the Siva Lingam Puja to closure, from the depth of depth, invoke peace through reciting “Shanthi by expanding to the infinite vastness we are and bringing forth this energy blessings of peace into our own human form and realities. Create an intent in “Peace” ie, may this Peace for all the living or; may this Peace be for my own health and the health of all of humanity. Blessed are the messengers and custodians of Peace.
  • Sacred Shrine/Altar at your Heart Shrine:-After a Siva Lingam Puja, store the Lingam at an altar space as to keep the divine energies and blessings vibrant in our physical and spiritual realities.

Benefits of a Siva Linga Puja:

  • Grace to be a Yogi:When we surrender our total focus of the mind to Source, through the puja, the mind develops the ability to rejoice in the dance of stillness. This dance of stillness is the Mother of all meditative practices.
  • Evolve and Be God:As we invoke the presence of Source through our mantras holding the focus, we are drawing more and more proximity to the object of worship and gradually, we attain all the attributes we are invoking, ie, we slowly evolve to be angelic, invoking the presence of God/Source.
  • Awaken our innate genius:We awaken to the deeper dimensions of consciousness within ourselves that triggers the innate special powers within ourselves, the “Siddhis”. The Siddhis are the unique special abilities awakened in each of us such as musical genius, the ability to see the future, the awakening of various extra sensory perceptions, ESP etc. Yogis tend to disregard this awakening of various facets of the mind as it distracts us from the power of worship that grows in potency through humility.
  • Soul Empowerment:We wake up to the joys and bliss of experiencing Source/God- “Ananda”. This joy ebbing from the bottom of the heart through our Lingam Puja is a higher conscious vibratory state. To be in this bliss form state is to be God- with Lord Siva described as Satchidananda, the bliss form. Slowly but surely, our realities too begin to vibrate the higher frequencies of this divine bliss.
  • Deepen our yoga practice:When we do our daily yoga practice through the various sequences, we understand the deeper journey within after having done the Siva Lingam puja. In fact, it is advisable to do the Siva Lingam Puja after doing our hatha yoga practice so to seat the enormous vast immense energies of Source within us through the awake enerve centers, the nadis. Hatha yoga and the Siva Lingam Puja is naturally compatible and enhancing to each other.
  • Live the Magic of Now:To experience being God/Source; worship the Infinite Almighty through the mind and breath; attain grace of inner wisdom as a journey through consciousness- makes us Angelic and God like. Slowly but surely, we not only awaken to the vastness we each truly are but are also guided, protected and gifted with the most valuable gift of this human birth- to be able to celebrate the Now moment completely.
  • Multiply Potency of Consciousness:Worshipping the Lingam is multiplying consciousness. As we invoke ourselves to be Spirit, the Holy Ghost, we celebrate Lord Almighty Source of Infinite as in Form, empowering this Form to be Formlessness ever more.
  • Be Blessed:Lord Siva, the nameless Infinite Being invoked represents blessings of wellbeing, wisdom and highest purpose as the Yogi.

Nandhiji offers his guidance to any seeker on the journey on this sacred Mahasivratri night. Please join his Facebook page: Nandhiji Word Yogi Day: Maha Sivratri page to receive inspirational videos and guidance throughout these sacred 14 days of inner pilgrimage.

Vishwaroopam -Turiya States of Yoga

The scriptures of Bhagavad Gita, The Song of God, the essence of Consciousness in Hinduism, was born on the battlefield of Mahabharath in the discourse of Arjuna with his charioteer, Lord Krishna. Arjuna keeps asking Lord Krishna questions about life, death and wisdom. Lord Krishna rewards Arjuna’s seeking by giving him the Vishwaroopa vision – the ultimate blessings of enlightenment. 

Vishwaroopam is the depiction of GOD as seen by Arjuna when Lord Krishna revealed Himself to him. Vishwaroopam is the ultimate vision of God as splendour of splendours, in innumerable forms, eyes, faces, mouths and arms as in Divinity, as human, and as all the living and representing the infinite universes. This experience is the fourth state of consciousness – Turiya. Sages express this state as the the sleepless sleep. For a Yogi this is a continual state of superconsciousness. 

Turiya is the state of heightened inspiration, indomitable focus, infinite energy and blissful pristine mind amongst all the other extraordinary experiences of the moment. 

Turiya is the awake state of mind that ‘enlightened’ Beings experience. 

This is the moment when we are literally, the many as One. The depiction of Arjuna’s experience of visualizing GOD as the multidimensional, multifaceted, infinite finite is Vishwaroopa – the blessed state of mind. 

Attainment of turiya is mastery of Consciousness – the gift of yoga, meditation and any form of practice that takes us within.

I share my story to offer a better understanding of Turiya. 

As a seeker, aged 27, I was seeking nectars of truth and grace to find my ‘whole’.  I went searching for Masters who could guide me. One of my Masters was Guru Ayya, who thoroughly intrigued me. 

He was meditating in his cave on the peak of Arunachala mountain. He never moved, never slept, never ate – he only drank a small cup of milk and herbs. 

Every morning at 6am his helpers would open up the entrance to his cave. For two hours he entertained all who came to seek him. 

Pilgrims at his cave would walk around reciting his mantra to receive Guru Ayya’s blessings. Guru Ayya’s helpers would announce – “There is no need to communicate with Guru Ayya. He understands your every thought. As you recite the mantra walking around, pray and seek what you want. It will come true. ” 

Reciting the mantra in Guru Ayya’s presence was an empowering experience, as we truly felt Ayya in presence and within our breath. Later, after about 2 hours of Guru Ayya having shared his presence with his seekers, the helpers would close the entrance of the cave with sticks and thorn bushes. Guru Ayya would delve back into himself, happy in his ‘solitude’. 

My question at that time was – So what is the amazing thing Guru Ayya is doing that he does not want human company, is able to go within into himself entirely beyond even sleep, hunger, heat or cold? What is the enormous joyful activity he is indulging in that allows him the grace of stillness, focus and discipline to meditate and Be?  

I would climb up the mountain top to be with Guru Ayya as often as I could. Each time, in the presence of Guru Ayya, I felt my mind transforming and allowing me my own grace of stillness rise from the core. 

There were nights when I would meditate outside Guru Ayya’s enclosure, in proximity near him. Listening to his awesome states of ecstasy as he sang and sometimes conversed with ethereal Beings aloud throughout the night, made me understand this realm of ecstasy. I realized that I was absorbing within me, the presence of Guru Ayya through my inner journey. 

Inside the core of myself, I felt the fires of the mantras converge in states of joy. Inside this core was a Dance where I was the dancer, observer of the dance and the observed who was dancing.  

It was absorbing all other thoughts including my emotions, my worries and thoughts of hunger.  Within this core of bliss, dance and peace, I felt I was incubating my own thoughts into wisdom. 

What surprised me was my own ‘discipline’ that was happening to me on its own accord – like waking up each morning at 5 am no matter how late I slept – so I could connect to Source by way of yoga, meditation and puja to fulfill my joyous states. It was during my annual Mahasivratri time when I set my pilgrimage into myself by fasting and focusing within for 14 days, that I realized the heightened states of Turiya – the sleepless sleep states that is mentioned by the Yogis. 

Anyone can attain anywhere, the gift of the Turiya states, through their own inner journey. 

Mind states of Turiya as “Spirit experiencing the human” is the depiction of the awakened mind of all Sages.  

Looking into the wisdom of all Masters – Rumi, Gandhiji, Abraham Lincoln, Einstein, Plato & Ramana Maharishi as examples of the mind that attained Turiya and we now understand Turiya is attainable by all who seek it. 

Einstein – “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. “

Abraham Lincoln –  “Surely God would not have created such a being as man, with an ability to grasp the infinite, to exist only for a day! No, no, man was made for immortality.”

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi

Plato: “You cannot conceive The Many without The One.”

Gandhiji- “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world- that is the myth of the atomic age- as in being able to remake ourselves.”

Ramana Maharishi “Correcting oneself is correcting the whole world. The Sun is simply bright. It does not correct anyone. Because it shines, the whole world is full of light. Transforming yourself is a means of giving light to the whole world.”

Upon attainment of the super-conscious mind, wisdom flows from within. When the identity of our ego is dissolved, as the mind subdued, the source of thoughts is from beyond the mind. Sages attribute the higher thoughts to the Gurus and the grace of the Gurus. All Masters attribute their wisdom to the We, rather than from memory or their own mind. 

The many heads and hands experienced is the We – the power of many as One – Vishwaroopa. 

How is Turiya attained? 

– Seek truth as a bee seeking nectars. The starting point of our spiritual journey is humility, the urge to transform, the need of grace and the fuel of divine love, bhakti. 

– Seek the grace of a living Master. Crack our karmic imprinted mind by igniting our inner Guru. Books & learning helps, but having a living Guru/s saves time in awakening process. A Guru’s job is to dissolve our ignorance and open our inner door to allow the light of Source to shine by implanting, awakening and lighting our inner Guru. 

– Seek the core of joy- the Inner Guru – within as the embryo to nurture and grow as our bliss-formed mind and body. Nurture this sacred fire within. Allow time in patience and inner patience for our Inner Guru to be the Guru i.e, In time our own innate wisdom will shine.

– Be the Dance with each breath from Source, to Source. When we celebrate our core within as the Dance of Unions with Source, we are gifted stillness that allows the I Am principle to work. The I Am principle is the knowing of ourselves as Divine, limitless and perfect. Sages of all cultures and religions point to God within as the ultimate destination point of the question, Who am I? Each breath, we propel ourselves toward Source to the whole that shines as the Sun. The Sun itself knows no darkness. It is the planets that experience days and nights.

– Transform each thought to wisdom from the core harmony within. Meditate and from the states free of emotions and thought patterns, seek wisdom to navigate realities. 

Once a year, arises an opportune time to take a pilgrimage within: Mahasivratri. Feb 21st, 2020, Friday is World Yogi Day, the time vortex of the attainment of Turiya. 

Yogis & enlightened Masters of India direct us to observe Mahasivratri as the time to seek our higher Self as enlightenment is attained in ease. 

Start our pilgrimage within 14 days before on the full moon on Sunday Feb 9th, 2020. 

During Mahasivratri, there is specific alignment of earth with the sun & the moon, the earth in its orbit with all the other planets and in alignment with other stars. Mahasivratri is mentioned by the Vedic scholars as one of the most important time to observe to worship Lord Siva, the Supreme Self within, the Yogi. 

Once a year millions across India observe MahaSivratri, the night of the Yogi. This period of time is a vortex of enlightenment- the time to attain turiya. Observe the 14 days of inner journey by way of detoxing the mind and body by gentle fasting, nurturing the Soul through yoga & meditation, awakening grace of transformation through seeking wisdom, in indulging in the dance within and twirling in silence. 

Each day through the 14 days, journey within to discover our mind in its limits and the freedom beyond the mind in its vast limitless experience of joy. 

As Mahasivratri approaches, feel the attainments of yoga as in state of perpetual joy, pristine mind and infinite energies- nature of turiya states of the Yogi. 

– Utilize this experience of turiya each day with discipline to attain more of it. 

Summary of the yogic concept of Vishwaroopa- 

  • Pilgrimage within to attain our higher Self and master life. 
  • Know that we are the Many as One. 
  • Attaining states of Turiya, be the Yogi. 

Nandhiji offers his guidance to any seeker on the journey on this sacred Mahasivratri night. Please join his Facebook page: Nandhiji

Word Yogi Day: Maha Sivratri page to receive inspirational videos and guidance throughout these sacred 14 days of inner pilgrimage.

Mastery of Consciousness: Music/ Book/ Meditation/ Yoga DVD- Digital

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary, awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher, representing the path of the Liberated. He lives in Los Angeles, where he shares the life-enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddhar sages, the liberated mystics of South India. Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult, while leading an active family life, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhas as a yogi began. After years of seeking ‘wholeness’ through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness. One of the fruits of his journey are offered in Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, Consciousness!” Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

Learn more of Mahasivratri, World Yogi Day 

To be a part of the movement of Consciousness: Declaration of Consciousness Movement – please sign here – 

Preparation for Maha Sivratri

Preparation for Mahasivratri Inner Pilgrimage starting Feb 19th to March 4th::: 
Like the full moon of the mind waning into the new moon of the Spirit is our journey! 
– Affirm Pray Cry Sing: God I seek You to be lit in me. 
– Identify Soul needs and set intent of pilgrimage if able. 
– Create harmony with relationships, work, responsibilities and needs. 
– Create altar space at home. 
– Create time space for devotional yoga/ meditation/ kirtan. Brisk morning time & night time celebrations of each day.
– Set date of Feb 19th to set alight the journey of all journeys!

Ready to start pilgrimage:::: 
Our journey!
– Light each breath in mantra fires. Light the Now that consumes the past.
– Climb above navel. Arise above attachments. Climb above 5 senses, above hunger, above to be Spirit. 
– Daily yoga/ puja/ meditation/ kirtan celebrations. 
– Feast fasting: Nuts/ fruits/ raw juices/ water / herbs.
– Incubate the sacred embryo of Lord Siva through our daily yoga.
– Rest the mind in states of sleepless sleep, Turiya. 
– Set alight the body and mind in each moment celebrations, our pilgrimage. 
– Do external pilgrimages as a bee seeking nectars of grace. 
– Breaking free of addictions of all forms. 
– Worship each other as Siva. Address each other as Siva. Serve in humility. 
– Be dharma grace of Consciousness knowing compassion, love, kindness, forgiveness, goodness. 
– Be the vortex of Light that is guided, protected and incubating greater Light.

Our Event: Feb 19th: Initiation Livestream with Nandhiji @Nandhiji
Aum Namah Sivaya!


MahaSivratri: Birthday of the Yogi – March 4th 2019

MahaSivratri: Birthday of the Yogi

Mahasivratri is the auspicious time for each of us to do the ultimate pilgrimage- the pilgrimage within to wake up and rebirth as the Yogi.

This coming Mahasivratri falls on March 4th 2019.

Mahasivratri is the most significant spiritual festival observed by millions across India.

Dedicated to Lord Siva, the Lord of Destruction of the limited, Mahasivratri holds the blessings of the unlimited, the Spirit. Lord Siva is called the Yogi as He is the perpetually infinite in unions with the finite. Hence Mahasivratri is called the Great Night of the Yogi, Lord Siva.


In practical realities, Mahasivratri offers:

– An ideal time to detox the body

– The time to detox the mind – letting go of the past and karmic imprints of limitations

– An ideal time to create an intent of resolution and a supreme prayer

– An inspiration to awaken the yogi within

– A potent time to break free from the stagnancy of life to enable us to more easily evolve into a life more attuned to our higher purpose

– To awaken to the joyfulness of “Being” a person of higher consciousness and thereby imbibing all the qualities of higher consciousness: abundance, harmony, love and wisdom.

– To be a Master, a Yogi awake.


This day of Mahasivratri is based on the lunar calendar; during this period our consciousness easily condenses into divine awareness. From the yogic perspective, the Moon directly influences the mind and our consciousness. Each month, the new Moon and full Moon energies offer their own unique power as the Earth rotates around the Sun in its oval-shaped orbit through the year. Mahasivratri is a sacred vortex of time caused by the once a year alignment of Earth in correlation with the moon and sun; Earth and the planets and stars.

Yoga as practice is the daily discipline of push and the sacred grace of the pull.

For a yogi, it is time to transcend the human and be Spirit. Mahasivratri holds the ultimate objective of yoga, the grace of awakening and expanding Consciousness, enlightenment is the gift of Mahasivratri. When Consciousness expands, we utilize our entire mind potential and tap into the states beyond mind- turiya states.

For a yoga practitioner, meditator and seeker Mahasivratri is like a birthday, the day of awakening to the vastness of ourselves as Spirit- the newer consciousness.

This is the night when Sages who meditate in seclusion throughout the year in solitude come out to bless humanity.

There are many stories behind Mahasivratri. One of the popular story is of the thief on the run:

To escape wild animals he climbs above the vilva tree (vilva tree considered sacred Lord Siva) and stays up all night in repentance. Unknown to him was a Siva Lingam and his unconscious movement through the night caused the vilva leaves (a sacred offering for Lord Siva) kept falling on the Lingam. By virtue of staying up all night, a mind surrendered to the infinite in repentance, unconscious worship of Lord Siva through the Lingam- the thief got enlightened.

This thief story is to illustrate the ease of awakening with little effort when tapping into the energies of Mahasivratri.

Masters of ages from Einstein, Mahatma Gandhi, Rumi, Nelson Mandela had woken up to the next higher level of consciousness and it is from this mind realm that they were able to shine as Masters. Yogis call this supermind states of super-consciousness – turiya.

My Guru, Siddha Ayya sat for eighteen years without moving in his cave on the peak of Arunachala drinking one cup of milk a day. He had gone beyond sleep. He was in states of turiya. Turiya is described as the ‘sleepless sleep’ state. In states of turiya, our mind potential is more than completely utilized. We awaken the various forms of siddhis (ESP) that is uniquely within each of us as the genius. Turiya states is depicted as Gods and Goddesses with multiple heads of ten and hundred to illustrate our innate ability to be the Many as One. To attain turiya states is the objective of yoga. This sublime state of higher consciousness is in simple words- the genius of the Spirit having the human experience of inspiration. Our each thought has become wisdom. Turiya states happens when the crown chakra, the Sahasrara, has blossomed with the thousands of petals of consciousness having unfolded. When the crown chakra has blossomed like a lotus, the journey of a Siddha, an enlightened Being, has begun. Turiya has been mentioned to have 18 higher states with the last states of turiya being more God like in attributes.

Lord Siva (mentioned as Lord Shiva in North India) is that beyond void, the energy of infinity. When our limited soul stuck in ego of “I” wakes up to realize the vast Being of Spirit that is truly whom we are, our jivatman (individual soul) becomes Paramatman (Vast Infinite Self that is mentioned in the Christian tradition as the Holy Ghost), Lord Siva- the limitless Being. Lord Siva, the Yogi is called Satchidananda. Sat is Consciousness; Chit is experience; Ananda is Bliss.  When turiya states is attained, we are the Master having attained turiya states – a mind of clarity, the wisdom of knowing, the grace of Cosmic unions- yoga and the form of bliss.

Our journey through daily yoga gives us drops of nectars of Siva Consciousness, ie, bliss, wisdom, tranquility, joy and vitality. When we do an inner pilgrimage aligning ourselves to Mahasivratri, we attain being Consciousness itself with turiya states our natural mind realm. Our potent thoughts create magnificent realities. As Yogi, we uplift humanity in the vibrancy of our Being.


Observing Mahasivratri to attain the awakening to be Lord Siva, the Yogi step out of the cage of time. The liberating experience of Mahasivratri is the once a year pilgrimage that needs be digested each week on a special day we set for ourselves. Choose one day a week to do yoga, meditate and connect with Source as to expand the Mahasivratri blessings of turiya states.


Mahasivratri and Turiya: One of the key observances during the night of Mahasivratri is to stay awake all night. In reality, it is not about being a weekend warrior staying up all night singing, chanting and dancing, but about training ourselves to go beyond the mind and its sleep pattern through meditative practice. At the time vortex of Mahasivratri, we are able to experience the ‘sleepless sleep’ state with less effort. Our mind that has experienced the state of turiya is forever expanded in consciousness.


Guidance for the 14 days Inner  Pilgrimage: –

  • Take the initiation to start the pilgrimage within. Set our calendar for the full moon day 2 weeks before Mahasivratri- Feb 19 2019.


  • On Feb 19th- On the fullmoon moment pray setting an intent to plunge within to dissolve into Lord Siva. Feel this moment as an initiation of Source where you are committed.  Go to your Guru, or visit a Temple or sit besides your altar and pray to be guided through the next 14 days into Mahasivratri. Pray that from this moment on, every breath is with the mantra AUM NAMAH SIVAYA. [Soundcloud Mantra Chant]

Let this moment be the Source initiation.


  • Like the full moon waning to be the new moon, we pilgrimage from the human to being the Spirit. Video


  • Begin each day with light a lamp (to kindle our inner lamp) and end the day lighting the lamp- with mantras. Wake up with the mantra, be aware of each moment in the mantra fires, before sleep recite the mantras. Make the mantra fires a 24/7 inner heart song.


  • Detox the mind & body. Through the 14 days let go of the thoughts, the mind, the ego and all the attachment. Forgive others. Forgive ourselves. Let go of past.


  • Have just nuts, fruits, fruit/vegetable juices and herbs (consult an ayurvedic practitioner of the ideal herbs you could take). Taking ayurvedic herbs amplifies its healing abilities during this period.


  • Be in a nurturing environment. Surround yourself with higher vibrational Beings or be in solitude. Observe silence. Silence the mind and thought process through the joy states of mantra recitation and a meditative mind.


  • Each day go deeper within.Do pilgrimages to sacred places if possible. At the end of each day, celebrate the inner journey by way of doing a puja (worship of the Divine offering flowers, fruits and devotional love)


  • Most important- power of ‘pull’, the grace of yoga: Consummate the grace of Mahasivratri, the pull element by doing dharma/ charity/ heart’s service- random acts of consciousness.


  • Drop all habits and addictions. It could be cigarettes, coffee, internet or even anger. Step out of the mind that functions in karmic imprints of the past.


  • Do the Siva Linga Puja to accelerate the journey into Consciousness. When we bring focus of the Infinite in the finite as by way of the Linga :Puja, we are following the path of the enlightened mystic Sages, the Siddhas. Article


  • Each day, welcome the vast new crisp energies of clarity, revitalization, rejuvenation and states of bliss. Witness the experience of bliss & joy that eliminates hunger and thirst. Be aware of the ecstasy of experience that increases with each passing day as the mind withdraws. Feel the need for sleep subside. Let our meditative mind experience being a pillar of Light.


  • On Mahasivratri night, enjoy the effortless ease of sleeplessness, bliss, perpetual energy, joy, clarity and states of Oneness- the states of turiya.


Now- bring into daily practice the awake states of turiya by observing one day each week for our inner pilgrimage accelerating and intensifying Mahasivratri blessings! Conquer time through timelessness video


Nandhiji offers his guidance to any seeker on the journey on this sacred Mahasivratri night. Please join his Facebook page under Nandhiji or his Mahasivratri group to receive inspirational videos and guidance throughout these sacred 14 days of inner pilgrimage.

World Yogi Day

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Awaken our Super Mind: Ten Siddha Teachings

[ Excerpt From Talk By Nandhiji on Guru Purnima Day ]


Namaste, Pranams Divine Beings, this is Nandhiji.

It is beautiful to connect to the grace of this Guru Poornima moment!

The grace of the Guru’s powerful blessings, these are moments of huge shift, individually, collectively for humanity and for Planet Earth. This Guru Poornima is particularly more enhanced due to the Eclipse. This means that there is potential for each one of us to expand into our truest selves and that is Source.


My story goes back to the time when I was a seeker, and in those days, Guru Ayya was on his 8th year fasting and in his fasting drinking one cup of milk a day, he had not slept, he had gone beyond sleep. He was in a cave up in the Arunachala Mountains. I so wanted to know and experience, whatever he was experiencing.

I decided to stay overnight behind him (behind the partition of his cave)  to observe and to meditate and to be with him. I was behind him through the night meditating.  Around 3 o’clock he was in ecstasy singing. It felt like there was a pillar of Light and all Angels were dancing around it and He was that pillar of Light. There was so much joy, happiness, vibrancy of the dance at that moment that I felt, that vibrancy, that light would perpetually be with me. Every time I invoked Guru Ayya by way of his mantras, it would be a heart song that connected me back to Guru Ayya’s ecstasy.


A few years later, I moved to Los Angeles.  Guru Ayya would come to me in my meditation and say: “When you sing for us, it’s beautiful. Now it’s time for you to sing for humanity.” At first I was hesitant. I was very shy. I could never imagine myself singing before anyone, and so I had a bit of resistance towards it.  I set a condition to myself & Ayya that I would need a didgeridoo player to go along with my chants should I create my Siddha mantra chant music. My very next yoga class I taught had a didgeridoo master, Cofi, come to learn my yoga. Cofi introduced me to music composer Wing. The Siddha intent of dream to reality was happening fast! 

Just a week later was the Guru Poornima moment, when it happened, bringing us all together with Cofi, the didgeridoo player, Wing, the composer,  the studio and in a swift moment our first musical album “Cave of the Siddhars” was born.

The Siddha offerings of consciousness by way of mantra chant music was born with ease at the Guru Poornima moment. It was the energy fields of Guru Ayya and all my gurus coming together to give to humanity the resonance, the resonance of Light, the resonance of transformation, the resonance to wake up our inner Guru.

[Cave of the Siddhars music album is noted through kinesiology evaluations to have calibrations beyond the threshold of enlightenment.  This is an affirmation to Guru Ayya’s sacred presence through the mantra invoked. More info]


Today I will be giving 10 dimensions for us to attain the Super Mind.  


What is the Super Mind?

This Super Mind of the yogic mind is the mind state of Turiya. Thought is reality. The potency of thought is the grandness of reality and a potent mind, a powerful mind creates empowered thoughts and so is our reality. In other words, when we have the Super Mind, everything is possible, anything is possible. We are beyond the limits, the normal limits of the mind.

This Guru Poornima moment allows us to absorb these 10 dimensions that we will go through today- as our inner journey, as our wisdom of joy,  for which discipline can be set to attain it.


The first is to know that the Guru is Consciousness. Guru means dissolving away the karmic limits. The Guru is dissolving away ignorance. When ignorance is dissolved away what remains is pure, pristine empowerment of the source connected mind. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, a great master, would mention the mind is a mirror. When there is any dirt on that mirror, we are not able to see clearly. When the dirt, that ignorance is removed, we are able to connect to Source with totality of clarity.


  1. Who are the Gurus?  There are five Gurus, the five dimensions of Gurus.

The first is our own breath. The second is our mother and father. So, rub our palms together, feel our mother, feel our father and receive the blessings. The third Guru is the external Guru, who gives us the mantra to wake up. Fourth Guru is the inner Guru. Now with the inner Guru awake, we realize everything is a Guru. We are a part of everything and everything is to teach us and to guide us. That’s the fifth Guru. So, understanding Guru as Consciousness and understanding the connectivity to the Guru, we know gratitude. So, for a moment, be in the mind of gratitude. Gratitude especially to all the external Gurus who woke us up.


[My gratefulness to each of my seven Gurus on this special day!

My first Guru, Bhairavasekar Swamy, who took me through my death experience.

My second Guru, Saddhu Krishnaveni Amma, who dwelled in a cave, who left her body. Siddha Rajaswamy, Rohini Mataji, our Gurus who bridge the ancient Siddha wisdom & Siddha lineage grace.

Amma Amritandamayi, the hugging saint Amma whose hug conveys Her presence within each.

Siddhapurush Baba Nataraj, Los Angeles who is a Siva Yogi constantly uplifting humanity in his prayers.

Siddhar Mahasivaswamy, the Sage who lived in solitude for over two decades meditating inside a tiger sanctuary.

Guru Ayya, the Siddha who sat in solitude meditating  for over 24 years without moving, drinking just a cup of milk a day.]


  1. Time: The next is understanding that we experience life through time. In other words, all our realities are experienced through time. When we are sleeping, we are not experiencing time. When we wake up, when we are awake, when the mind is functioning in an optimal level, it is in the dimensions of time. Now in the dimension of time is where the mind is. If we step out into timelessness, which is meditation, if we step into timelessness, when we come back to time, that time is empowered. So, meditation is beautiful in all its forms. When we do yoga, in reality, there is a meditative process happening. When we are drawing or when we are dancing, there is a state of meditation going on. When driving in states of joy, there is a meditation going on. That is timelessness! Glimpses of timelessness… If we attain the totality of this timelessness, then when we experience life as time, we define time. In other words, we are able to bring that timelessness of our beingness into reality in the form of harmony, core states of joy and all the bliss around it. Because the qualities of timelessness is brought into time, prioritize the need to be in the timelessness, because, when we are in timelessness in experiencing time, it is like operating from a meditative mind and a meditative mind means a mind of pristine clarity, where every thought is pure, sheer wisdom, every thought has an accuracy from seeing the larger picture.


  1. Breath: Now, the next is to know breath and the womb of breath, Samadhi states- with the mind completely absorbed in Source.

In life, we all experience reality is going up and going down, especially when we are sad, or our realities are hard, our mind goes inward. Added to this is our breath five times a day flips to the right, and every time it flips to the right, we are inspired, but every time it’s not flipped to the right, our mind goes down. In other words, there’s a natural cycle that goes on up and down, up and down. It’s okay to be depressed. It’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to have a mind that feels not good. We must know this mind as Siddharta, the seeker. We know that we are sad and depressed for the reason of a reality, for the reason of our mind, and also there is a natural cycle going on. When we feel our mind going inwards or sad, take it all the way inward, hold the breath. Now, when we hold our breath, where are we going? Here’s when the mantra comes to play. Here is where we would utilize the mantra to go within to source. When we hold our breath, our Samadhi like state now, our retention of breath now is like a womb, when we are taking ourselves to source.



So, let’s take a mantra, a Guru mantra for now, and feel the energies and let’s take ourselves into the innermost womb within ourselves. This is a very simple mantra. Consider: Siva. Si is infinite, Va is the goddess. Siva is the experience, Siva is infinity. Siva as Guru, who comes to us in the human form. Chant: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha. Natha is being of light. So, when are reciting: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha, the mantra, invoke all the beings of light! Christ, all Masters, all the Light Beings, any Being who has opened the door of consciousness for us, who has opened the doors to the spiritual realm for us. Invoke all the Gurus of past and present to us. Chant three times or more the mantra: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha. This mantra is where we enter into Samadhi- by retaining breath holding on to the mantra. From this inner journey we connect to the womb of infinity. Take a deep inhale, hold the breath, feel the mantra within and go within. Exhale.


When we go deeper and deeper into breath, we are beginning to come to point zero, the states of harmony, the states of primal core peace within ourselves. Know breath as the perfect instrument to be able to transform the mind in the moment.



  1. Navel Chakra Meditation: Now, take a deep inhale from the roots, every breath of ours inhale from the roots, hold the breath, lift the energy up above the navel, because it is up above the navel, where we access the Guru chakra that by default opens the third eye. Putting our hands, our fingers above the navel, take a deep inhale from the roots, lift the breath above the navel, and feel the third eye open and through the third eye, say the mantra three times: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha.

Rub our palms and receive the grace blessings of all the Gurus present in our invocation, of the beings of light to guide our thoughts.


  1. Pranayama- Breath Work: When we wake up from sleep, when we are wanting to bring focus, we are dealing with a mind that has gone through several layers of reality and we want to bring it into its core harmony. The left breath is the moon energy, the sun is the right breath. Pranayama is the tool to wake up the mind. By doing pranayama, we are awakening the mind to its greater potential. Now, there are so many forms of pranayama. This form of pranayama that we are going to do now is something you can do while driving a car, or while sitting down working on a computer, or simply walking or standing. This pranayama could be done at all times. When we do this, we are stimulating our mind to activate itself and access the different Siddhis, the different powers within our mind and that is, when the mind has been able to come to core harmony. Patanjali mentions, that you bring your mind to one single thought and hold it steadfastly, hold that one singular thought with focus. The mind becomes pristine and slowly the mind expands itself and awakens itself to receive its special powers to be this special power. Pranayama clears  the mind to its pristine states.



Press the left big toe down and take a deep inhale from the left. Just by pressing your left toe down, mentally visualize the breath to be from the left. Take a deep inhale from the left, and exhale from the left. Press the right big toe down, take a deep inhale from the right, and exhale to the right. Okay, do it a couple of times, inhale from the right by pressing the right big toe down, exhale to the right by pressing the right toe down. Inhale from the left by pressing the left toe down, exhale to the left by pressing the left toe down. Okay, now shift. Press the left toe down take a deep inhale, press the right toe down and exhale to the right. Inhale from the roots from the right, press the left toe down and exhale to the left, and imagining ourselves exhaling from the crown chakra. Press the left toe down, inhale from the roots, press the right toe down, and exhale through the crown chakra through the right. Inhale all the way from roots from the right, by pressing the right toe down, press the left toe down and exhale to the left. Take a deep inhale, hold the breath, lift the energy up above the navel, bring it to the third eye and say the mantra three times: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha. Rub our palms together, receive the great blessings.


What we did as this form of pranayama is powerful from the perspective of being able to  reset our mind to its core zero, the core harmony, from where our thoughts now emerges from a mind, that is pristine in clarity.


  1. Dance: The reason I went up the mountain wanting to be with Guru Ayya was, I wanted to know, how was a Sage or Being, able to sit in one single place not moving, not for a day or two, but for months, for years to sit not moving. I was wondering what was that special going on inside. If it was so exciting to not even want food, so exciting to not want to have anyone to talk to, so exciting to go inside and go within, and be so totally absorbed. What was going on inside? And the revelation for me was, – there was a dance. There was a powerful dance! And then to realize that Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance, the Cosmic Lord of the Dance represents infinity, the core of infinity is within each one of us, and that core of infinity is the dance. If we know this dance, we are the inspired. If we know this dance, we are that vibrancy, the Spanda, that dance within, the passionate union of infinity and the finite, the passionate union of all states of joy, and that passionate states of joy blesses us with stillness. So, this state of joy is within the mantra.



Going into the mantra and be aware of the state of dance within. Clap and chant the mantra a few times: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha.


Divine Beings, when we do our Yoga, end your Yoga with a dance. When sitting down, know there is a dance going on inside ourselves, our breath moving in and whirling upwards, there is a sacred dance within. Whatever we do, we are the dancer dancing! There’s a bliss emanating now. When we are the dancer vibrating frequencies of light, we know, we are now accessing our own beautiful mind that is blossoming.

Know the dance, the dance within, at all times as the higher vibrations we are, generating wisdom as each thought.


  1. Incarnation Game: My Guru, Siddha Guru Rajaswamy would mention: “Invoke all the beings of light and they will serve you, and they will serve you by giving you the right thought, they will serve you by giving you the highest wisdom, they will serve you by paving your way to complete the highest purpose and your reason for birth!” Invoking all the masters, let the masters presence be with you. I would take it from an even further practical dimension: Think of Leonardo Da Vinci, think of Albert Einstein, think of Rumi, think of Mahatma Gandhi, think of all the beings, the masters who lived before us and think of all these beings as ever-present in us, if we can just say: “I am your reincarnation.” So simply invoke all the masters, and all the beings who are with us and proclaim especially with the masters who are not in the body. “I am your reincarnation, Abraham Lincoln.” All the beings who have been here, are moving humanity through frontiers.



So, through the mantra, let’s invoke all the Gurus, chant three times: Va Va Va Va Siva Guru Natha. Rub your palms together and receive the blessing of all the masters. Let all the masters guide us. Let all the masters give us a thought, the right thought.


  1. Yoga Nidra- Yoga of Sleep & Waking Up Process: The next is, the time when we are most vulnerable is when we go to sleep. The time, when the mind resets itself is, when we go to sleep. The time, when we are resting ourselves from the process of thoughts is, when we go to sleep. Sleep is the time of incubating the mind.

So how do we incubate the mind? Go into the mantra before you sleep. Before we sleep, meditate. As we meditate, imagine ourself being the pillar of light. Meditating as the pillar of light means, simply dissolving into that nothingness from, where the state of joy is, and this state of joy is light. Go into the state of light.

Ideal mantra is Aum Namah Sivaya as the resonance has the energies to clear away anxieties and fear ( or chant any mantra that we might feel closer to). When chant the mantra,  we are beyond destiny; we are beyond the sun; we are beyond the planetary system. We are that infinite, infinite, infinity that sees the vaster, grander sun of the universes. This is Lord Siva- Infinity. Realize our vastness chanting the mantra Aum Namah Sivaya.

In yogic sleep In sleep we do not dream. Our sleep state is deep, when we have gone beyond dream with no REM (rapid eye motion). In our death like sleep there’s nothing other than the experience perhaps of being the Spirit. We plunge into that eternity of sleep, but a few hours of sleep suffices.

We wake up in the morning, wake up in blessings of gratitude.


The moment we wake up, think of our Mother as represented by our left hand, think of our Father, our with our right hand- rub both our palms together, and welcome ourself into the human reality thankful on cellular level to our Mother & Father.

Do the same exercise thinking of our Cosmic Mother & Cosmic Father.



When I was a little boy, my grandmother would take me to the puja room and tell me: “Pray for the right thought, ask for the right thought.”

Praying for the right thoughts as our first prayer upon waking up  gifts us the right mind of consciousness and its wisdom that creates enriching realities.  


  1. Puja- Source Unions: The 9th dimension is doing the puja. A puja is the mother of meditation- as the mind is taken to effortless meditative states after a puja.

A puja means worship. A puja works bringing the power of infinity into the finite. That is, a puja from the perspective of having an idol, having the lingam and bringing our focus, we are enhancing a powerful state of the mind, which is the Yogic focus. If we do the puja with a Siva lingam or with the deity, and say the mantras with focus, that invoked infinity energy resonates within our finite realities. When we are able to bring our mind together into a single pointedness, it’s like a magnifying glass converging light into fire. That is the power of a puja. The puja multiplies the minds empowerment by allowing us to get into the states of Yogic focus, because it is inside the Yogic focus where the dance is happening and this inside the dance, we are the dancer. Step into being the dance through the puja. Then understanding that everything we do is the worship. Every moment of ours is the worship. Every dimension of ours is the worship, where we are connecting to the divine in all layers, the supreme Tantra. This supreme Tantra on all layers means, we are connecting the infinity into the finite, in all layers of our experiences, this is the puja.


  1. Turiya States of Super-Consciousness: The final dimension of the attainment of the Turiya states, is understanding, what the Turiya states is all about. In temples in India, especially goddesses, she had many heads. In Lord Vishnu showing himself, as the Supreme God creator to Arjuna, has all the heads, many heads. In the Ramayana, Ravana was portrayed with ten heads, he was a worshipper of Lord Siva. Those heads, the multiple heads, represents the states of Turiya, the Super Mind state of the Yogi. In this state of the Super Mind is, we know – so we are inspired. If we know, and if we are the dance, and we are inspired, we’ve gone beyond sleep, we’ve gone beyond hunger, we’ve gone beyond the limits of the body in the form of heat and cold and hunger, we’ve gone beyond the limits of the mind in the form of sleep and fatigue. We’ve gone into the state of the spirit dancing, this state of Turiya is the yogic mind. Now in the state of mind, not only we do have access to the highest of wisdom of all the masters, but also our mind is able to align that grace into realities, align that grace into the genius of our hearts’ doings.


[This is the Guru Poornima grace, the grace of the Guru, the grace is called Guru Kadaksham, the grace of the Gurus instant energy fields to transform. So when we rise up in layers of consciousness, very naturally we leave behind that which is not good for us, that which was addiction that which was holding us back, that which was karma. Karma in different forms, for instance poverty karma, or karma from physical limits or health limits, all this are on different layers of consciousness, but as we climb up in layers of consciousness, we are able to let go of the past. And the more we let go, the lighter we get, and the lighter we get. Grace opens the doors to more of grace. We resolve problems, resolve limits of circumstances and transform our limits and challenges to the grandest of opportunities. We are able to do the grandness of hearts’ purpose with yogic focus, grace and greater energies.]


With all the grace of the Gurus, with the grace of the moment, may each of our lives be transformed.


To summarize:

  • – Outer Guru who awakens the Inner Guru- 5 Gurus.

The first of the dimension is, understanding the Guru as Consciousness, and as five states of Consciousness: breath, our father, mother, the outer Guru, the inner Guru and everything is the Guru.

  • – Time & timelessness, the 24 hrs cycle.

Next, knowing the time cycle, and in the time cycle, within the 24 hours, light a lamp once a day. Observe the new moon to celebrate the spirit Lord SIVA, observe the full moon to celebrate the awake mind Lord Vishnu. Know these time cycles, set yourselves free by connecting to source. Connecting to source, means connecting to timelessness. Connect to timelessness, define time.

  • – Know breath and the womb of Samadhi & the Navel Chakra.

Know breath from the states of Samadhi and know Samadhi as a womb from where we grow our mind.

  • – Pranayama: Alternative breaths in yoga, meditation and every experience.

From here, understand, and know the navel chakra and the awakening of the third eye with the activation of the navel.

  • – Be the Dance. Meditate. Attain Yogic vibrancy.

Know the dance, the dance within, be the dance at all times, so our life is meditation. So, our thought is from a meditative mind, in other words, a pristine mind and a thought from a pristine mind is pure wisdom.

  • – Invoke all Masters. Reincarnation.

Invoke the masters, invoke all the masters, let all the masters shower us with the right thoughts. Shower us with alignment to our highest purpose and allow us to blossom from the perspective of each master completing their life work through us.

  • – Sleep in womb of Light & wake up to align the mind.

Sleep in the womb of light. When you sleep in the womb of light, that is going into the mantra light and then entering into sleep, this mind is nourished, so when we wake up, we are waking up with a mind that is ready, a mind that is high vibrancy state, able to connect to source even more deeply and rework realities, and work realities in alignment to source grace.

  • – Puja: Create concentration & yogic focus.

The puja is the worship of divinity, the worship of source through time, through what we do, seeing every reality as connected to source. Seeing perfection in all of everything, and yet understanding through this perfection. There we are, connecting to source on all the layers and allowing the source unions as passion to work its way. So our life is a blossom, so every reality of ours a blossom, so every chakra of ours is in blossom, enjoying the grace of light.

  • –  Turiya- yogic states of super consciousness.

Awaken and allow yourself to be the vastness, to be the grandness, to be the giant in what we do. When we know we are the giant being, a huge big soul in the body, when we know we are the vast beingness, we are able to shine our genius in all the facets, where we bring our focus.


With this, may Consciousness as grace be for each of us. May our inner Guru shine and uplift humanity while completing our life purpose.



Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher, representing the path of the Liberated. He lives in Los Angeles, where he shares the life-enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddhar sages, the liberated mystics of South India. Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult, while leading an active family life, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhas as a yogi began. After years of seeking ‘wholeness’ through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness. One of the fruits of his journey are offered in Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, Consciousness!” Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.


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