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Happiness & Attainment of Happiness!

In these challenging times of social distancing and self quarantine, most of us come together as family and for some it is solitude. We have more of ourselves to ourselves. Our emotions amplify due to subdued external activities. 

To be Buddha is to be happy. 

Yet, nearly all of us are the Siddharthas (Siddhartha is the name of the prince whom Buddha was before his enlightenment). Siddhartha was profoundly sad after confronting realities of life that led him to seek enlightenment and become Buddha. The extreme sadness triggered Siddartha to go inwards to find his truth and there after dwell perpetually in happiness. 

When we are in the proximity of an enlightened person, a common observation is the feeling of peace, calm and happiness. To be awake is to be in the higher vibrancies that is causal of happiness. 

Bhutan declared to the world its value as a nation by the worth of Gross National Happiness.

Bhutan was underlining the core tenet of Eastern philosophy- the attainment of inner riches rather than the acquiring of material wealth as true aspiration of a conscious human. To consider happiness as true wealth is wisdom. 

Happiness is a deep word with several layers of meaningfulness. Beneath “happiness” is so many facets of us as humans striving as life works and in each moment experiences. 

Yet the essence of happiness can be weighed by how long it lasts and its qualities that can grow us or imprison us. 

From happiness that satisfies our hunger and or an object obtained, happiness shifts from being loved to being adored. Each time a child gets excited to receive a toy, the toy is able to convey an extent of happiness that might momentarily. Satisfying our mind generates happiness is sparks but not the flame. Satisfying our soul and dwelling in positive emotions is subtle everlasting happiness, the building blocks to a life of fulfillment.

Aligning an awake state of mind that realizes itself as Spirit having the human experience and navigating human experience through its various emotions is being a Master, a Yogi. For an actualized person, happiness is a state of Being that is perpetual and bright as the sun. Human experiences of sorrow, grief, anxiety, anger etc is like the moon that cannot make itself visible midday before the sun. 

From the yogic perspective, the quality of happiness experienced is the mark of attainment of the journey within to realise ourselves. 

Satchidananda is the name of Lord Siva that means- being the form of bliss in the Now. The realization of our journey within is to be the Yogi, Lord Siva- who is pure blissful happiness. 

Happiness is contagious. Be happy, and all of humanity receives our higher vibratory presence to be happy!

So what does it take for each of us to truly be Happy? 


Meditation is the most vital and first step to realizing ourselves. There are a thousand ways to meditate. Choose the method that enables us to be the vibrant states of joyfulness within our stillness. Subduing the mind by focus, we are in our most natural states of inherent happiness. The practice of meditation attains not only mindfulness, calm & harmony & clarity but also, a greater reality of an optimal mind that is causal of happiness in all its forms. 

Positivity as attitude

Utilize positive emotions like inspiration, compassion, empathy, kindness and love as handles to stay in the realm of happiness. 

Utilize negative emotions

Utilize negative emotions like sadness, loneliness, grief and anger as triggers to go deeper within to the meditative states. 


Chant mantras as ancient resonance are vibrancies that transform our mind to that of the higher vibratory presence we invoke. Mantras help us connect to Source. Chanting mantras help transform problems & challenges to opportunities and solutions due to the vibratory fields of enhancement as in focus, grace and wisdom 


Gratefulness is a powerful bridge to attain happiness. More gratefulness always brings more of that we seek towards us as realities. 

Being in the Now

Being in Now is to be happy. Compartmentalize our experiences, so one bad experience does not contaminate another. Feel the past as manure that fertilizes the present moment. Knowing that being happy in the Now creates wisdom that are seeds for a future reality that is abundant in all we desire to cause happiness. 

Awareness of ego

 Letting go of our ego, the mind, the emotions and realities play of ego eases us to happiness.  When our mind subdues to its natural states of harmony, happiness simply rises as the lotus- radiant. 

Life of purpose

 Getting to know our life purpose, heart’s joy and the focus that gives us happiness.  To work from the heart to ensure each moment is a delicious play of fun, excitement & joy. Blessed are those inspired who do their heart’s work. To unfold our highest purpose means, to be in happiness that overflows. 

Develop the core within

Know that every experience in life is temporary. The happiness that comes from the underlying core within ourselves is the foundation of happiness. This core of Being within each of us is like a muscle that grows with practice. Yogis mention this core as the cosmic womb within where we incubate Light, transform and expand. 


The core within ourselves where we think from is Consciousness. Our each thought creates realities of happiness, sadness and all the emotional states. When we think from higher consciousness, our thought is wisdom. Incubate in the core within ourselves through yoga, meditation, outdoor walks, nature, dance and all activities that bring us joy. Expand the egocentric I of our thoughts to We of wisdom. Adorn Consciousness as the essence our true Self. Happiness is our nature when in Consciousness we are the flow of an enriched life. 

Happiness truly is an inside job. When we realize ourselves whole, the external world stands to augment and contribute to our happiness no matter how dim reality is. When awake, as higher vibrational Beings we create heavens of realities that are causal of happiness in all forms- from health, wealth, love, inspiration & wisdom.

Nandhiji is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher, representing the path of the Liberated. He lives in Los Angeles, where he shares the life-enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddhar sages, the liberated mystics of South India. Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult, while leading an active family life, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhas as a yogi began. After years of seeking ‘wholeness’ through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness. One of the fruits of his journey are offered in Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, Consciousness!” Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

By Nandhiji

Nandhiji is a mystic, yogi, visionary, humanitarian, artist, ecstatic chant musician, author, and teacher. Nandhiji represents the path of the Liberated. He shares the rare wisdom and teachings of the seldom-revealed source of yogic wisdom of the Siddha Sages, the liberated mystics of South India.

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