Preparation for Maha Sivratri

Preparation for Mahasivratri Inner Pilgrimage starting Feb 19th to March 4th::: 
Like the full moon of the mind waning into the new moon of the Spirit is our journey! 
– Affirm Pray Cry Sing: God I seek You to be lit in me. 
– Identify Soul needs and set intent of pilgrimage if able. 
– Create harmony with relationships, work, responsibilities and needs. 
– Create altar space at home. 
– Create time space for devotional yoga/ meditation/ kirtan. Brisk morning time & night time celebrations of each day.
– Set date of Feb 19th to set alight the journey of all journeys!

Ready to start pilgrimage:::: 
Our journey!
– Light each breath in mantra fires. Light the Now that consumes the past.
– Climb above navel. Arise above attachments. Climb above 5 senses, above hunger, above to be Spirit. 
– Daily yoga/ puja/ meditation/ kirtan celebrations. 
– Feast fasting: Nuts/ fruits/ raw juices/ water / herbs.
– Incubate the sacred embryo of Lord Siva through our daily yoga.
– Rest the mind in states of sleepless sleep, Turiya. 
– Set alight the body and mind in each moment celebrations, our pilgrimage. 
– Do external pilgrimages as a bee seeking nectars of grace. 
– Breaking free of addictions of all forms. 
– Worship each other as Siva. Address each other as Siva. Serve in humility. 
– Be dharma grace of Consciousness knowing compassion, love, kindness, forgiveness, goodness. 
– Be the vortex of Light that is guided, protected and incubating greater Light.

Our Event: Feb 19th: Initiation Livestream with Nandhiji @Nandhiji
Aum Namah Sivaya!

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