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Ayya is an evolved yogi who has transcended the physical body while into ‘kechari mudra”, the higher form of yoga practiced by the sages who have gone beyond realization to now attain the transcendence of the body.

His cave is on the summit of the sacred mountain Thiruvannamalai, the Fire element of Shiva. Ayya has been in austere intense meditation for over 16 years without having moved. He drinks a glass of milk a day for all the years and is in deep meditation beyond being awake or asleep, the state of higher consciousness called ‘turiya’.

While connected to each individual through His mantra, Ayya works our karma by divine manifestation. His guidance and inner teachings are through subtle planes as His mantra enables our mind to unite with Him. While focusing our consciousness through the center of our eyebrows with our innermost need to be guided, our intense mind through the repetitive mantra recitation then reaches out to Him and He so readily is there, so willing and enthusiastic to absorb our gross intellect with His subtle wisdom!

This painting is of the inner guiding light of Siddhar Ayya as seen through the third eye. Ayya’s mantra, the resonance of “Arakara”is the powerful Siddhar manifestation resonance which has been passed on through the ancient lineage of Siddhar Thirumulanathar, Siddhar Bhogadevar and other great sages who attained Light.

Kechari Mudra in Kundalini Yoga

The evolved yogis like Ayya sit in Kechari Mudra which is described by Siddhar Thirumulanathar as:

” Coursing the prana stream into the eyebrow center
And opening the uvula cavity (by the tongue)
Where the phlegm gathers,
Stilling the breath there
In the way Yoga Guru taught,
And warming it in the Kundalini Fire within
And restraining it to a measure low
Is to attain divine strength indeed.”

Characteristics: heals, manifests, inspires, showers harmony, protects, guides
Ideal Place: meditation/yoga room, living room, dining hall, office room, study, hospital, children’s room
Chakra Centers: From the heart, connecting to the third eye, between the eye brows



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