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“Kundalini” is the sacred force visualized as a serpent within us awakened through yoga. This force rises from the base of the spine to blossom as realization once She reaches the cranium region, above the head. “Shakthi” is the name of the Goddess, which denotes energy. In higher tantra of South Indian Siddha philosophy and Tibetan yoga (Red Lotus Dakini), Kundalini Shakthi is invoked as in the feminine form, reddish in color, dazzling in beauty, youth and pleasure form. This form enables the yogi/ yogini to dissolve the male principle within and find no more need to seek to the external as they are united by Her presence within themselves to find their ‘wholeness’. Sages worship Her as divine grace. Kundalini Shakthi when awakened, explodes in energy and moves upward through each subtle energy centers blossoming with radiance and showering divine grace on Her path. She gushes above stretching the body upwards as our spine straightens. Her hands of giving guide, nourish, protect and sustain the yogi. Her hand above Her holds time, space and matter dissolved to enable dissolve earthly perception and enter the higher reality dimension in meditation. Her head is supreme wisdom tearing the veil of illusion ‘maya’. Her body is the halo we see depicted around heads of saints and divine beings. She is pure cosmic energy experienced as the joy and bliss within us and in physical, She is the psychic heat generated while uniting with the divine. This painting depicts the Goddess as Mother Kundalini, rising above to be the completeness of a yogi.

Mother Kundalini Shakthi

“In the dense darkness, O Mother, Thy formless beauty sparkles;
Therefore the yogi’s meditate in a dark mountain cave.
In the lap of boundless dark, on Mahanirvanas waves upborne, peace flows serene and inexhaustible.
Taking the form of Void, in the robe of darkness wrapped,
Who art Thou, Mother, seated alone in the shrine of samadhi
From the Lotus of Thy fear-scattering Feet flash Thy love’s lightnings;
Thy Spirit-Face shines forth with laughter terrible and loud!”

Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Characteristics: energizes, manifests, inspires, showers harmony, protects, guides, heals, provides love and fulfillment, cleanses
Ideal Place: meditation/yoga room, bedroom, living room, dining hall, kitchen, office room, study, hospital.
Chakra Centers: From the base below the spine, connecting to the third eye between the eye brows and and blossoming above the cranial region as?enlightening bliss.



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