Utilize Yoga to Manifest, The Power of Tapas


Vriksasana Tree posture enhances thoughts potency.

“Connect Source with intent. Seek Consciousness for humanity. Whirl thoughts to manifestation. In singular focus, immense passion & indomitable will create & tweak realities.

Bringing heavens to earth, as Angel, the Yogi Be!” 

Quote – Mastery of Consciousness Teachings, Nandhiji

When Mahatma Gandhi ji went into hunger strike, it was with prayers. Each breath was with mantras and the dedication of his fasting to the Divine. 

In the times of India’s freedom struggle, Mahatma Gandhiji’s power of tapas was visible.  Gandhiji was known for his rigid daily prayers and fasts. His tapas power was self evident when the British would often wonder how huge crowds would gather sometimes before Gandhiji’s arrival. Gandhiji often made spontaneous decisions to travel. In those days communications was only through telegrams that was slow and most of these locations were not connected by phone. When Gandhiji called for the Salt March, the Non-Cooperation Movement, Non-violence etc, whole of India readily became One- to observe the freedom struggle collectively. It was as though Gandhiji was speaking  to each Soul. It was Soul Power- the work of tapas.

Sages of India go deeper into themselves in tapas and are called Tapasyas unleashing Soul Power to accomplish intent. In the beginning of India’s freedom struggle, Gandhiji’s fasting and hunger strike did make a dent on imperialism. The British government did see him as a threat. The colonial powers kept throwing Gandhiji into prison. It was in prison that Gandhiji intensified his tapas to create greater potency to the intent of freedom for India.  Later, after India attained independence from the British, chaos & violence broke out all over northern India. Gandhiji once again went on fast unto death to resolve the situation- and harmony did result. Within all of this is the mystical element of tapas- the inner power of will, focus and energy to transform the external.

A yogi is a natural achiever and a leader by way of accomplishment. One of the benefits of yoga in life realities is the ability of a yogi to do super human tasks. This amazing ability of a yogi is attributed to enduring focus, indomitable will power, sheer discipline and grace of Source connectivity. 

This empowerment of yoga practice is from Tapas/ Tapasya. 

In innumerous stories of India, individuals seeking a special power, a specific reality or even a weapon sets out to the solitude of the forest. They then undertake tapas wherein the seeker observes unwaivering focus invoking the Divine with intent. With constant unbroken mantra recitation and observing self-control, disciplines and austeries that which the seeker sought is attained as the boon. Every tapas is unique in its discipline, methodology, mantras and process. Tapas is usually undertaken with the advice and directions of a Guru. 

In today’s world of yoga when a practitioner does the physical yoga postures holding breath, thoughts naturally stills and the mind attains greater focus with clarity. This benefit of yoga is like drops of nectar adding to enrichment of experience. When experiencing this mind potency, yoga practice becomes more addictive allowing for more discipline. Life realities catch up to our daily yoga practice. The yoga practitioner now realizes that the realities of the external world can be created from within and real peace can be created with actual realities manifested. As the journey within yoga continues, the drops of nectar now becomes the honey pot as the journey of the seeker becoming a yogi. Consciously and unconsciously, a yogi steps into the evolved practice of yoga, tapas- the perpetual Source connectivity with Kundalini fires awake. 

As a yogi, each breath is with awareness, Source connected through mantra fires. Mindfulness, awareness and optimal thoughts now is the evolved state of mind. 

With tapas, the yogi becomes a vortex of higher vibrations. In a yogi’s presence healing, calm, harmony, love and goodness simply happens as the power of tapas, the inner fires, is actively recreating the dynamics of realities. 

Power of Tapas: 

  • Develop unwaivering yogic focus.
  • Concentrated prayers, Source unions, creates miracles.
  • Expand in consciousness, the super-mind state of Turiya- realm beyond limits of the mind. 
  • Develop the potency of mantras.
  • Be the vortex of light that enlightens others.
  • Be blessed in wisdom that arises of a clear pristine mind.
  • Incubate and grow our vastness and truest potential.
  • Receive the realities prayed for completing a Circle within.
  • Invoke the Divine and be the Divine invoked.
  • Be empowered in perseverance to attain heart’s seeking.

Of all yoga postures, it was the Vriksasana posture that was mostly conducive to tapas. In modern history, there have been many Sages who have stood in the Vriksasana posture for years together! 

In our day to day lives, utilize this posture to realign realities to unresolved issues, to seek fearlessness, to seek a prayer to be answered or simply, to align with Source in totality seeking realization. 

When doing the Vriksasana, know that it is an intensifies prayer & a super condensed meditation.


– Set intent. 

– Do the Vriksasana posture after doing other yoga postures so the body is sufficiently warmed up. 

– Do pranayama to create core harmony and balance prior to Vriksasana posture. Ensure steady calm breath & mind as foundation. 

– Utilize simple heart resonance mantras through the process. Siddha mantras are effective as they are like nursery rhymes allowing  awareness beyond the mind.

– In the posture- right leg up stimulates the Sun breath. Utilize mantras invoking the masculine Divine entities- Lord Siva/ Lord Vishnu/ Lord Muruga

– In the posture- left leg up stimulates the Moon breath. Utilize mantras invoking the Divine Femninine- Goddess in all her forms. 

– Tap into the vortex of Light generated within – seek Source, surrender the mind & intent, allow each mantra recited to be prayers.

– Begin tapas by steadily reciting the mantra with focus on the invoked, dissolving breath inside the mantra resonance- while attaining steadiness & balance through the process.

– Do the posture starting with one minute each side and gradually extend this practice to any length of time. 

– After doing the posture, it is natural to feel the mantra recite within on its own accord. Allowing the sacred inner fire to continue each breath, let our mind conceive wisdom of Source to work our realities. 

With daily yoga practice, the power of tapas will awaken on its own accord through the yogi’s awareness of each breath, Source connectivity and life’s challenges. To be in tapas is to be the reflection of Source. As a yogi, uplift humanity! 

Nandhiji www.nandhiji.com is a Siddha yogi, humanitarian and visionary, awakening humanity through mystic wisdom, community and service. He is an artist, ecstatic chant musician, author and teacher, representing the path of the Liberated. He lives in Los Angeles, where he shares the life-enhancing wisdom and teachings of the Siddhar sages, the liberated mystics of South India. Nandhiji was gifted with a childhood experience of the Divine when he was four years old. Later as a young adult, while leading an active family life, he was initiated through a death experience by his first Guru, and his journey into the mystical realm of the Siddhas as a yogi began. After years of seeking ‘wholeness’ through connection with the inner world, Nandhiji woke up to understand his highest purpose: to uplift humanity in consciousness. One of the fruits of his journey are offered in Mastery of Consciousness. Nandhiji says, “When we awaken the inner lamp, we liberate ourselves to the grace of our own wisdom, our Inner Guru, Consciousness!” 

Nandhiji envisions a humanity awake through yogic wisdom, enterprise and community.

Founder of the 3 Visions of the Ariven Temple: 

Declaration of Consciousness Movement: Empowering Humanity: www.declarationofconsciousness.org

World Yogi Day: Empower Yourself- Be the Yogi: www.worldyogiday.com

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